For Graduates

Reduced capacity at JQH Arena

  • Each ceremony will be capped at 750 graduates. Each graduate can invite up to 4 guests. Guests will not require a ticket to enter JQH Arena, nor will they need to RSVP. These limits are based on JQH Arena capacity with current COVID-19 restrictions in place. We're asking graduates to follow these rules so everyone has the chance to celebrate with their guests.

Masks are required

  • All graduates and guests MUST wear masks over their noses and mouths throughout the ceremony. Please inform your guests of Missouri State's masking policy.
  • Graduates may remove their masks when they are in line to have their name read and receive their diploma covers.
  • Graduates will have their picture taken twice, once in front of the platform and the other off to the side. Once both pictures are taken, graduates MUST put their masks back on over their noses and mouths.

Arriving at commencement

  • Graduates will enter Hammons Student Center from the east entrance, proceed through the check-in process and be seated on the JQH Arena floor before the ceremony starts. Doors will open 90 minutes prior to the start of all ceremonies. Graduates will not enter JQH Arena together.
  • For security purposes, graduates should not put on their regalia before entering Hammons Student Center and being screened by security personnel. After passing through security, graduates should put on their regalia. Graduate students should put on their hoods, as hooding will not take place during the ceremony. Staff will be present to assist, as needed.
  • Graduates will be seated on the arena floor, prior to the start of the ceremony. Once seated, it is expected that graduates remain in their seats, to maintain physical distancing from one another and all guests.

During commencement

  • Graduates are required to remain in their seats and maintain physical distancing from one another and all guests.
  • It is expected for graduates to follow the instruction and lead of all floor marshals, during the ceremony.

Leaving commencement

  • Graduates will exit the arena after the ceremony and should meet their guests on the east side of JQH Arena (near the main entrance).


The Grad Fair is the first opportunity to buy Regalia from the Bookstore. Regalia for the ceremonies may be purchased at the front counter of the Bookstore or online, after Grad Fair. Honors cordons/stoles will be provided at Hammons Student Center, the day of Commencement.

Graduation eligibility

You should begin the graduation process before or early in your final semester. The application deadline to have your name included in the printed commencement program is March 31, 2021. You may apply after March 31, but your name will not be in the printed program. See graduation eligibility for more information.

Please email with any questions about the ceremony.


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Celebrate with us

Join us in a virtual celebration for the class of 2021 with frames, GIFs, stickers and video. We can't wait to be together for our official in-person formal ceremonies on May 13 and 14.

Tell us about your post-graduation plans

Undergraduates: We want to know about what's next for you after you become one of 120,000+ Missouri State alumni. This information is important to us, and the data we collect plays a part in determining our state funding.