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  • Robert Pavlowsky

    Robert Pavlowsky

    The Ozarks region is known for its rich natural resources. Forests. Lakes. Rivers. Streams. And they’re all interconnected.

  • Sarah Lockenvitz

    Sarah Lockenvitz

    “No one says, ‘I love having a lisp,'” Dr. Sarah Lockenvitz said.

    A lisp is common in preschoolers and often recurs when a child loses teeth.

  • Diana Maniace

    Diana Maniace

    Inspired by her parents, Diana Maniace returned to school to become a teacher and mentor for children.

  • Clarissa Hatley

    Clarissa Hatley

    Whether it’s teaching next to a spring-fed creek or leading a park hike, Clarissa Hatley gets to do what she loves. 

  • Tiffany Huggins

    Tiffany Huggins

    Tiffany Huggins is a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI).

  • Dr. Jokima Hiller

    Dr. Jokima Hiller

    She’s known for her personality and personal experience.

  • Austra Reinis

    Austra Reinis

    Religious studies professor researches correspondence during the Protestant Reformation.

  • Hannah Granger

    Hannah Granger

    MSU-Neosho student relies on empathy as a key tool for education.

  • Sheena Speer

    Sheena Speer

    Sheena knew she wanted to be a part of the hospitality industry from a young age. 

  • Alexis Creamer

    Alexis Creamer

    Alexis Creamer is not only leading on campus. She’s leading around the nation.

  • Hannah Harrill

    Hannah Harrill

    There’s no place like home.

  • Julia Guffey

    Julia Guffey

    Creativity takes many forms.

  • Lauren Ashleigh Schoelen

    Lauren Ashleigh Schoelen

    Everyday is different for Lauren Ashleigh Schoelen, a hospitality leadership major.

  • Jason Orr

    Jason Orr

    Sometimes dreams are put on hold. Sometimes they just fade away completely.

  • Christine Hannis

    Christine Hannis

    Christine Hannis has always been fascinated by the way the human brain works.

  • Justin Layton

    Justin Layton

    “So many things have color that I had no idea had color."

  • Les Reid

    Les Reid

    There are more math surprises out there. Let’s find them.

  • April White

    April White

    Each semester, the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society awards a scholarship to an exemplary nontraditional student.

  • Hui

    Hui "Anita" Liu

    When disaster strikes, smartphones show their power.

  • Brooks Blevins

    Brooks Blevins

    Frontiersmen, hillbillies, moonshiners and banjo players — these are a few stereotypes of Ozarkers.

  • Stanley Leasure

    Stanley Leasure

    A ball of emotions. That's what happens when you get a new job. Excitement. Anxiety. Fear. Elation. Confusion. Confidence.

  • Michael Rodrigues

    Michael Rodrigues

    Coming here brought him closer to his values. 

  • Josh Rodriguez

    Josh Rodriguez

    Nontraditional student Josh Rodriguez has this advice for adult students seeking success at Missouri State.

  • Todd Hussong

    Todd Hussong

    "It's never too late to accomplish your dreams and goals in life."

  • Jasper Gain

    Jasper Gain

    “Thank you for believing in me. It feels amazing that there are people who don’t even know me but want to support me and make my dreams a reality.”

  • Patricia Hilton

    Patricia Hilton

    There are a variety of reasons for why a student might be prevented from heading to college right after high school.

  • Shelby Adams

    Shelby Adams

    Equipped with an MSU Online finance degree, Shelby Adams helps make the dream of home ownership come true. 

  • Michaella McBride

    Michaella McBride

    For Michaella McBride, it's the personal touch that sets Missouri State apart.

  • Lodemia Wolken

    Lodemia Wolken

    Across all of our campuses, Missouri State excels at educating future educators.

  • Claire Kidwell

    Claire Kidwell

    Claire Kidwell wants to make a difference.

  • Lauren Ziehmer

    Lauren Ziehmer

    Lauren Ziehmer took on a new program at Missouri State and hasn’t looked back.

  • Linda Trinh Moser

    Linda Trinh Moser

    “It’s been called ‘the most taught book on college campuses in the United States,’” said Dr. Linda Trinh Moser, professor of English.

  • Lyea Shine

    Lyea Shine

    “Even though I lost a year from school and lost money, I feel as if everything happened for a reason.”

  • Chin-Feng Hwang

    Chin-Feng Hwang

    Most wine enthusiasts in America love drinking wine made from European grapes, but these grape varieties do not thrive when grown in vineyards of the Midwest.

  • Lupita Perez-Lopez

    Lupita Perez-Lopez

    Lupita Perez-Lopez’s drive to help others globally began locally.

  • Lauren Dow

    Lauren Dow

    Lauren M. Dow was named a U.S. presidential appointee in 2016.

  • Isaiah Villarreal

    Isaiah Villarreal

    Isaiah Villarreal is the first in his family to attend college. He found support at MSU.

  • Hannah Sherertz

    Hannah Sherertz

    MarooNation member Hannah Sherertz gives back through basketball.

  • Dr. Amy Hulme

    Dr. Amy Hulme

    In the 1980s and 1990s, an HIV diagnosis was a death sentence.


  • Dr. Billie Follensbee

    Dr. Billie Follensbee

    When we browse works of art, it's easy to forget many of the pieces depict real people from the past - people with specific experiences and identities.

  • Greg Illy

    Greg Illy

    How Greg Illy found his passion in chemistry.

  • Kenna Sheppard

    Kenna Sheppard

    Research work by day, beaches and koalas afterwards.

  • Dr. Rhonda Stanton

    Dr. Rhonda Stanton

    Rhonda Stanton coordinates the professional and technical writing program. 

  • Dr. Leslie Seawright

    Dr. Leslie Seawright

    This English faculty member researches the role language plays in our criminal justice system. 

  • Dr. Susan Robinson

    Dr. Susan Robinson

    Imagine this: You have confidence in your ability to stand on a chair and reach into a cabinet without falling. Now, imagine being even a little bit too confident in that ability.

  • Kelly Alvarado

    Kelly Alvarado

    When she was in high school, honors student Kelly Alvarado didn’t think she was going to college.

  • Jackie Bradley

    Jackie Bradley

    Only 40 college students each year can say they’re a Paul Ambrose Scholar.

  • Sean Nevills

    Sean Nevills

    He promotes success traits for school, sports and life. 

  • Bryant Clerkley

    Bryant Clerkley

    Bryant Clerkley had to cut our first interview short: News was breaking.

  • Howard Scarborough

    Howard Scarborough

    Former student-athlete takes on new role. 

  • Zack Neuman

    Zack Neuman

    Zack Neuman's work was accepted into "the longest-running photographic competition of its kind." 

  • Joe Dias

    Joe Dias

    Joe Dias is the first Missouri State graduate to focus his Bachelor of Music on the study of carillon. 

  • Lara Strong

    Lara Strong

    There's no place like (your second) home.

  • Brandon Hill

    Brandon Hill

    Brandon Hill has known he wanted to become a lawyer since taking a law and order course in high school.

  • Emily Hrpcha

    Emily Hrpcha

    She connects her passion for horses and her work with ex-cons in preparation for her new job with the FBI.

  • Kimberly Van Ornum

    Kimberly Van Ornum

    For Kimberly Van Ornum, helping students understand math requires re-thinking traditional math classes.

  • Melvi Cifuentes Ramirez

    Melvi Cifuentes Ramirez

    She's ready to help others after experiencing immigration issues firsthand. 

  • Mica Henry

    Mica Henry

    Mica Henry's main criteria when scouting pharmacy programs? Location and cost. 

  • Dr. Telory Arendell

    Dr. Telory Arendell

    “Even off the stage, in life, people move in space in ways that tell stories. It’s a message that’s communicated with the body.” 

  • Amber Donaldson

    Amber Donaldson

    Amber Donaldson sensed her opportunity.  

  • Taylor Christopher

    Taylor Christopher

    Taylor Christopher believes in serving the community, seeing the world and carrying on Missouri State traditions.

  • Emily McAdoo

    Emily McAdoo

    Motherhood and math coincide in Emily McAdoo's daily routine. 

  • Dr. Susan Dollar

    Dr. Susan Dollar

    Dr. Susan Dollar previously served in the armed forces. 

  • Mariah Zenk

    Mariah Zenk

    Mariah Zenk won the American Cinema Editors Student Editing Competition. 

  • Madison Estabrook

    Madison Estabrook

    Madison Estabrook fell in love with learning at a young age. She’s consumed it ever since.  

  • Mikel Dashtipour

    Mikel Dashtipour

    "It's one of the most unique jobs in health care." 

  • Colton Lynn

    Colton Lynn

    Graduate student Colton Lynn wanted a research assistantship but got a teaching assistantship. Call it fate.

  • Anna Surrell

    Anna Surrell

    Participating in a worldwide theatre festival helped Anna develop as an actor, director and #CitizenBear. 

  • Macaylah Gant-Hodge

    Macaylah Gant-Hodge

    Macaylah Gant Hodge was one of several students whose work was displayed at Meyer Library as part of the exhibit Native Art of the Americas.

  • Kevin Agee

    Kevin Agee

    Kevin Agee followed “a big flashing sign in the road telling me ‘go this way.'”

  • Annie Allen

    Annie Allen

    As a returning student, Annie needed a program that would support her professional goals while fitting into the life she’d already established.

  • Dr. Pam Sailors

    Dr. Pam Sailors

    Would you allow your child to play football?

  • Katherine Sterling

    Katherine Sterling

    “My experience at MSU has prepared me to be successful for the rest of my life.”

  • Dalton Breeding

    Dalton Breeding

    When Dalton Breeding stepped into his freshman geology class, he never thought he would make a career out of it.

  • Juan Narvaez

    Juan Narvaez

    Juan Narvaez comes from a developing nation and is dedicated to helping it grow.

  • Josh Pfaff

    Josh Pfaff

    Electronic arts student Josh Pfaff discusses his senior project — the short film "Counting to 1,000" — and leading actor Cailee Spaeny, who has been cast in Pacific Rim 2.

  • Sara Silkwood

    Sara Silkwood

    Filmmaker Sara Silkwood was inspired by the album's narrative qualities. 

  • Jerrid Morris

    Jerrid Morris

    2017 School of Anesthesia Talent Show winner - Magic Morris!

  • Erin Eckels

    Erin Eckels

    Erin Eckels knew about Missouri State: Her dad was an alumnus who also went into accounting. 

  • Caileb Newby

    Caileb Newby

    When Caileb Newby started his journey at Missouri State, he was a transfer student with an associate’s degree, working three jobs and going to school.

  • Derric Durham

    Derric Durham

    Derric Durham has big plans for the future — plans he was able to share with “Shark Tank” contestant Chris Gray.

  • Noah Hendel

    Noah Hendel

    To Noah Hendel, Missouri State is a major university with a unique quality: “Here, you can make your mark on campus.”

  • Taylor Wilson

    Taylor Wilson

    A unique aspect of MSU's fashion merchandising and design degree gives her a leg up on the field.

  • Lucas Hammer

    Lucas Hammer

    When it comes to his major, his name says it all.

  • Dennis Wiggins

    Dennis Wiggins

    He needed a bachelor's degree in order to land a new job. He found the Bachelor of General Studies program. 

  • Alex Jefferson

    Alex Jefferson

    “I really think that going through Missouri State’s curriculum in my four years here has prepared me for the workplace and just for life in general.”

  • Alexis Wallace

    Alexis Wallace

    Alexis Wallace wants to be a broker, helping companies manage risks and insurance claims.

  • Andy Bennett

    Andy Bennett

    Andy Bennett planned to study computer science or marketing. 

  • Abigail Saintvalliere

    Abigail Saintvalliere

    Abigail Saintvalliere loves catching up on the hottest video games.

  • Hailey Whipp

    Hailey Whipp

    Hailey Whipp is a huge sports fan who hopes to have a career that combines her interest in business with rooting for her teams. 

  • Jordan Ford

    Jordan Ford

    Jordan Ford has wanted to be a homebuilder since she was young.

  • Marli Coonrod

    Marli Coonrod

    As a first-generation student, Marli Coonrod struggled her freshman year before learning a valuable lesson. 

  • Tyree Davis IV

    Tyree Davis IV

    Tyree Davis IV became a leading voice for students after investing himself in the MSU community. 

  • Caleb Marshall

    Caleb Marshall

    "It was like: ‘This is so refreshing, this is exciting.’"

  • Olivia Fernandez

    Olivia Fernandez

    Olivia Fernandez is on the path to her dream job in macroeconomics, thanks to her Missouri State experience and connections.

  • Deidre Ashley

    Deidre Ashley

    She looks forward to spending her years after graduation continuing to help other student veterans.

  • Kristina Wilmoth

    Kristina Wilmoth

    “The professors and curriculum kept in touch with the heartbeat of the field itself and what’s out there.”

  • Amy Qualls

    Amy Qualls

    Amy Qualls thought she had taken the wrong career path, until this happened. 

  • Alex Beckman

    Alex Beckman

    “Anytime I can increase their independence, that's going to help them now and that's going to help them when they graduate.”

  • Mary Ortman

    Mary Ortman

    Mary Ortman wanted a less expensive option for school. MSU gave her that and much more. 

  • Cedomir Kostovic

    Cedomir Kostovic

    “If I design a sign which tell you, ‘Turn right,’ but actually you need to turn left, you can kill yourself!”


  • Jack Dimond

    Jack Dimond

    Well into its second century, The Standard is still innovating. 

  • Mildred Cercea

    Mildred Cercea

    She always loved languages; she didn't know they'd become a career. 

  • Leonard Horton

    Leonard Horton

    Instructor Leonard Horton brings the fast pace of TV news into the classroom. 

  • Thomas Romainville

    Thomas Romainville

    From a European village, to small-town Ozarks life, he's found his passion and home at MSU. 

  • Bailey Hoffman

    Bailey Hoffman

    The moment(s) when Bailey Hoffman knew going to Graduate College was the right move. 

  • Dr. Andrew Cline

    Dr. Andrew Cline

    A casual conversation led journalism professor Dr. Andrew Cline to a new phase of his career -- and a new documentary about Syrian children. 

  • Dr. Deb Larson

    Dr. Deb Larson

    "It really makes you appreciate how many people it takes to make a show. Every single person's job is important to the whole."

  • Dr. Shouchuan Hu

    Dr. Shouchuan Hu

    Dr. Shouchuan Hu is changing the world for non-mathematicians and mathematicians alike. 

  • Ainura Ashirova

    Ainura Ashirova

    For Ainura Ashirova, pursuing her Master of Fine Arts is a new creative adventure. 

  • Dr. John Prescott

    Dr. John Prescott

    Do you consider yourself to be creative? 

  • Yuxin Zhao

    Yuxin Zhao

    Qingdao University transfer student Yuxin Zhao has displayed her love for music with the MSU and Springfield symphony orchestras.  

  • Brandi Burt

    Brandi Burt

    Life steered her away from school, but she returned to pursue her passion: special education. 

  • Junyu Sun

    Junyu Sun

    Junyu Sun has been at the helm of the award-winning Chinese Students and Scholars Association. 

  • Sergio Lescano

    Sergio Lescano

    “It was a challenge, but a dream come true.”

  • Robert Gibson

    Robert Gibson

    Graduate student Robert Gibson spreads his love of music on a broad scale. 

  • Sarah Perkins

    Sarah Perkins

    Artist Sarah Perkins combines two seemingly different mediums to create unforgettable works of art. 

  • Kyesha Wilson

    Kyesha Wilson

    “My best was not quitting but finishing college and starting a new legacy in my family.” 

  • Sean Thiessen

    Sean Thiessen

    "Coming here was never about the degree." 

  • Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

    Michael Davis did not always have the confidence he now has in his research capabilities.

  • Dr. Adena Young-Jones

    Dr. Adena Young-Jones

    I tell my students on the first day that everybody is an expert in their own shoes, so I want to hear everybody’s stories because we learn from that.

  • Dr. Eric Nelson

    Dr. Eric Nelson

    In the spring of 1562, France erupted into the first of many religious wars between Protestants and Catholics.

  • Angela Guido

    Angela Guido

    "Big things are possible if people are willing to cooperate." 

  • Alix Opfer

    Alix Opfer

    "Even if it's a small change, we can change the world."  

  • Zach Wilson

    Zach Wilson

    When Zach Wilson submitted his research abstract to give a 20-minute presentation, he didn’t know he’d be requested to also present something much shorter. 

  • Maya Sudduth

    Maya Sudduth

    "A university is only as good as its professors." 

  • Andrew Shaughnessy

    Andrew Shaughnessy

    Philosophy provided the framework for building a career and confronting personal challenges. 

  • Bryan Taylor

    Bryan Taylor

    Little did he know that a bet made with his older brother would set him on a course to where he is today: training to be a CRNA.

  • Thomas Limbrick

    Thomas Limbrick

    Philosophy alum Thomas Limbrick will spend two years clerking with the Missouri Supreme Court. 

  • Alexandria Garcia

    Alexandria Garcia

    "The specific moment I knew I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist ‘when I grew up’ was the time when we found out my mom’s cancer had spread to her brain."

  • Aly Gatwood

    Aly Gatwood

    A recent recipient of the scholarship is senior Aly Gatwood. Her family lost their home in the St. Louis floods on December 29, 2015.

  • Megan Burke

    Megan Burke

    A randomly assigned group brought six students together, and their project impressed the campus. 

  • Ryan Chaney

    Ryan Chaney

    A randomly assigned group brought six students together, and their project impressed the campus.

  • Collin O'Hara

    Collin O'Hara

    A randomly assigned group brought six students together, and their project impressed the campus.

  • Hill Zhang

    Hill Zhang

    A randomly assigned group brought six students together, and their project impressed the campus.

  • Carter Williams

    Carter Williams

    A randomly assigned group brought six students together, and their project impressed the campus.

  • Jennifer Saputo-Peterson

    Jennifer Saputo-Peterson

    From standing in the spotlight to setting the stage for a home, she's learned how to make herself (and others) happy.

  • Hayden Sander

    Hayden Sander

    New Zealand native focused on capturing an NCAA championship and working toward a degree

  • Shannon Hock

    Shannon Hock

    “I’ve been making changes in the community and my job – not just going to school.”

  • Joey Saba

    Joey Saba

    "Don’t stay in your one friend zone. It’s good to have friends—old friends—but college is about making new friends."

  • Alonzo Perez

    Alonzo Perez

    "My parents were both born in Mexico, and I am fluent in Spanish, so it’s nice having a little piece of my culture here on campus.”

  • Chase Marable

    Chase Marable

    Chase discovered that time management and organization are crucial for success in college

  • Breyanna Mack

    Breyanna Mack

    She used her independence to gain experiences and meet new people

  • Ashish Mohan

    Ashish Mohan

    He overcame the fear of returning to school to follow his true passion: jazz piano.

  • Dr. Alana R. Mantie-Kozlowski

    Dr. Alana R. Mantie-Kozlowski

    Imagine you have suffered a serious stroke. You are unable to speak or follow a conversation. 

  • Annina Fremgen

    Annina Fremgen

    Down the road, you might have the product of Annina Fremgen's vision in your home. Perhaps the table on which you eat dinner with your family. Annina wants to design furniture.

  • Dr. Keri Franklin

    Dr. Keri Franklin

    How does a person become a writer? How does a teacher teach writing rather than assign it? 

  • Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi

    Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi

    "No one thinks of himself as a terrorist. Not even members of Boko Haram," said Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi, assistant professor of history at Missouri State University.

  • Dr. Dennis Hickey

    Dr. Dennis Hickey

    What does it mean to be the real China?

  • Casey Flanigan

    Casey Flanigan

    Receiving a scholarship enabled St. Louis native Casey Flanigan to pursue a career in nursing.

  • Neal Lopinot

    Neal Lopinot

    In the 1800s, hundreds of steamboats sank on the Missouri River - wrecks litter the valley beneath corn and soybean fields and contain a treasure trove of history. 

  • Bruce West

    Bruce West

    Is there a more haunting question than ‘What if?’ 

  • Claire Geneser

    Claire Geneser

    Claire Geneser’s intrigue with stars began when she was 5 years old.