Missouri State University
Todd Hussong

Todd Hussong

Through MSU, Todd found his 'direction'

"It's never too late to accomplish your dreams and goals in life."

The classroom has changed since the first time Todd Hussong went to college. 

"We had no computers, no internet. You went to the library to do most, if not all, of your research and you attended class in a room." 

Todd started college in the late 1980s, but didn't really have a strong sense of direction. Sensing he should pursue a career instead, he left college to work for an airline.

After his career with the airline, he started a job as a technical writer. It was during that job that he realized he knew what he wanted to do.

He loved technical writing, but wanted more options in his field. 

A new twist to classes

"I eased back into college life by taking only a few credit hours at first, getting used to the nontraditional way, then going full steam."

"Seeing the look on (my parents') faces when they saw (my) diploma was well worth everything."

This time around, Todd attended all of his classes online. The 100-percent online professional writing degree offers students flexibility balanced with affordability.

Todd acknowledges there was a learning curve. Adjusting to Blackboard presented some challenges, but he was able to work through it.

Also, he sought out resources to help through the transition. He notes several staff and faculty who helped him adjust to online studies, including Director of Adult Student Services, Jaime Ross

"When I contacted MSU, Jaime Ross was just amazing. She helped me the entire way. From answering all of my questions, explaining what the process was, and on several occasion went above and beyond in finding answers or getting me in touch with the right people." 

Connected anywhere

When he started the program, he was living in Kansas City. One of the benefits of doing an online program was he had the ability to relocate ahead of graduation.

He moved to Pensacola, Florida to care for his parents while he was still a student. Even though he wasn't physically on campus, that didn't stop him from finding his place in his program. 

"I really enjoyed the personal feeling that MSU offered — it made me feel part of the school even though I was not physically on campus. I still felt like a Bear." 

One individual who especially helped him feel like he was on the right path was his advisor, John Turner. 

"My advisor, John Turner, was the best I have ever had while attending college. He was always there to help answer questions, give advice, offer suggestions and check in to see how things were going."

Milestone reached

So what did it feel like earn his college degree at the age of 48? 

"I would have to say that my proud moment was being able to show my parents my diploma after all these years. They had, I think, given up hope that I would ever finish."

Another proud moment came from his experience of being a parent himself. He's especially proud of "showing my 13-year-old son that it is never too late to accomplish your dreams and goals in life."

He had this advice for nontraditional students:

"Use your resources! Use the Adult Student Services. Use your advisor. They are all there to help you — and they will! MSU does offer a great support system for their students. You just have to use it."