Missouri State University
Shannon Hock

Shannon Hock

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Graduate earned more than just a degree at Missouri State

“I’ve been making changes in the community and my job – not just going to school.”

“Experiences you have to have.”

St. Louis native Shannon Hock transferred to MSU to follow her passion for Psychology. After two years at a community college, she made the move to Missouri State to complete her bachelor’s – the first step in her plan to receive a PhD.

“I felt like I was missing out on the college life… But, I’m so glad I came here,” says Shannon. “I’m trying to make my little brother come to any university really. It’s experiences that you have to have.”

“It’s the things I’m too excited about.”

So what have been her favorite experiences so far? Shannon finds that a little hard to nail down.

“It’s the things I’m too excited about. I’m excited to be a part of something, which I thought was stupid. People would talk about it – they were so excited about the college they went to and proud of it…,” she explains. “Now I want to go to the Bookstore and buy clothes that have Bear stuff on it. It’s ridiculous and sounds stupid in my head, but I’m just so excited. I went to the football game – I’d never been to a football game before. It’s just cool, cool random stuff.”

Shannon admits, though, that getting involved took a little time for her. “Getting involved would be the hardest thing because it takes motivation and work. Now that I’m getting into it, it’s too much – almost!”

“It reaffirms what I want to do.”

Like a lot of transfer students, Shannon arrived at Missouri State with a clear picture of what she wanted to study. And, she’s gaining experience quickly in the field of psychology by participating in a research study with some Missouri Treatment Courts.

“In the morning, I was with drug court, and in the afternoon, I was with mental health court. I was texting one of my friends, who asked ‘how’s court going?’” Shannon recalls. “I really like working with the addicts. It makes me feel better about my degree and what I can do.

“It’s the same way with my classes. Every time I take a class, I’m really interested in all of it. The books I read – they’re textbooks – but they’re not that boring. It reaffirms what I want to do.”

"Every time I take a class, I’m really interested in all of it. It reaffirms what I want to do.”

‘I fell into all of these places and positions, but I know how hard I worked for them’

Shannon Hock transferred to Missouri State before her junior year, and spent her time getting prepared for her future: completing independent research, practicums with the Greene County Youth Academy, drug court and the mental health court, and working two jobs.

“My senior year has been totally full!”

Through those experiences, Shannon saw that she was passionate about working with youth and sees a future in a substance abuse program. “I figured out what I’m going to do with my life here!”

“When I looked at my resume as I was applying for graduate schools, I thought, who wouldn’t want me?”

Shannon graduated cum laude (with honors) in May 2014. In August, she moved to Chicago to begin graduate school at Adler School of Professional Psychology. After she receives her master’s degree, she plans to apply for LCPC and obtain her substance abuse counseling certificate.

“I’ve been making changes in the community and my job – not just going to school.”

While she was at Missouri State, she found that clubs weren’t really for her, but those she did join were based around her academic programs. She would urge every student to get involved with projects, clubs or people that he or she finds interesting. In her case, it was research and community experiences where she could practice what she was learning.

“I’m super glad I got to be a college kid.”

Without her time at Missouri State, she says she would have missed out on so many opportunities to learn at those practicum sites, but also on the true college experience.

“I got to be a dorm kid for a year, and walk to the gym every day…. My best friend is still in community college, and he doesn’t get to live in the dorms and see all the ridiculous things that happen there!”