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Dallas Hall

Dallas Hall

Made to be a teacher

Through the A+ Scholarship Program and MSU-Lebanon, Dallas Hall is set up to pursue his dream career.

My name is Dallas Hall, and my hometown is Conway, Mo. I’ve lived in Conway my whole life and graduated from Conway High School. I am a senior at Missouri State University-Lebanon, obtaining a bachelor's degree in elementary education.

When I was a junior in high school, I completed the A+ Scholarship Program at a preschool and I loved every minute of it.

The moment it hit me

Dallas Hall teaching an elementary student during class.

When my time working with preschoolers ended, it made me upset to think that this was the last time I would be helping these students.

I hope to make every student that comes into my classroom excited to come back tomorrow. It’s a great feeling to be a role model that students look up to and are excited to see every day.

At that moment, I realized that pursuing a teaching degree after high school was the right career path for me.

After high school, I worked part-time in a preschool/daycare here in Lebanon.

I have also completed many student practicums at different elementary schools in the Laclede County area.

Working in childcare and having these opportunities to help students in classrooms has taught me a lot and has shown me how important it is for children to have positive role models in their lives.

This is the main reason why I want to become an elementary teacher.

Amazing experiences at MSU-Lebanon

As I am wrapping up my time here at Missouri State-Lebanon, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this campus.

I love that I was able to attend Ozark Technical Community College here in Lebanon with my A+ Scholarship and transfer right down the hall to MSU. I have learned many skills being here as a student ambassador and as the outreach facilitator.

With all the scholarships available for MSU-Lebanon students to apply for, I will graduate with my bachelor's degree without having to use student loans!

At this campus, I get to be in a cohort, which is a small setting with students, and I have a more personal learning experience with the instructors. I have gotten to know my peers and we help each other out through our schooling.

We are always giving advice and tips to help one another with making lesson plans. I love getting the opportunity to do student practicums and learning from teachers teaching in the grade levels I want to teach one day.

For anyone that is interested in becoming an elementary teacher, I strongly encourage you to come to MSU-Lebanon! It has been an amazing experience and I’m so grateful that I am able to obtain my bachelor’s degree in elementary education close to home.

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