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Lodemia Wolken

Lodemia Wolken

Educating future educators, where they are

Across all of our campuses, Missouri State excels at educating future educators.

Our reputation precedes us. That's why Lodemia Wolken chose Missouri State as where she would study elementary education. The fact that she can pursue her degree close to home, while working full-time, is really just icing on the cake. 

Lodemia has worked at the local Waffle House for over nine years. Scholarships have still been beneficial for paying her way through higher education.

Using an A+ scholarship, she attended OTC and then transferred to MSU. Scholarships through MSU helped her decision to transfer. Now, she also works as an ambassador for the MSU-Lebanon campus. 

Classes in her hometown

Lodemia is a student at MSU-Lebanon, in her hometown. She has always wanted to be a teacher, so getting a bachelor's in elementary education was a no-brainer.

She's combining her classroom knowledge with practical experience by serving as a substitute teacher in multiple school districts.

While taking classes close to home is an important part of why she chose MSU-Lebanon, she points out that quality of the faculty is another big perk. 

"I chose Missouri State because of its reputation for having a wonderful education program."

"I absolutely love the teachers at the Lebanon campus. They are amazing teachers."

She's keeping a close watch of how her teachers instruct students, hopeful to glean helpful tips she can incorporate into her own classroom.

She's had several moments that will stick with her long after departing campus. Lodemia has had all types of teachers, but these two characteristics are what she'll carry into her own classroom:

"Anytime that a teacher has taken the time to let me or another person truly understand a subject without the feeling of judgement or impatience."

She also valued "a teacher that gives you the chance to tell them what you know and then filling in the blanks after you get the chance to share your knowledge with others."

As for herself, she's looking ahead to how she's going to impact her future students. What is she most looking forward to? 

"Knowing that a child can tell someone “did you know…?” because I was given the opportunity to teach that child.”