Missouri State University
DeCarla Bush

DeCarla Bush

DeCarla Bush aspires toward leadership in the health care field as a CRNA.

DeCarla says determinations, motivation, and humility are what it takes to become a CRNA.

DeCarla earned her bachelor’s degree from Central Missouri State University and her ADN from Brown Mackie College. She has worked in many fields of nursing including labor and delivery, long-term care, and telemetry. The last 4 years of her career in the ICU is where she found her passion for anesthesia.

DeCarla believes autonomy is one advantage of a health care career advancement towards anesthesia, but aspirations toward leadership is most likely the reason she is continuing  her education in this field. Choosing to become a CRNA was a natural progression for DeCarla because as an ICU nurse she developed a passion for helping patients with pain control. This ideology led her to the development of her end goal, which is owning and operating an independent pain clinic as a Nurse Anesthesiologist so that she can help patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

DeCarla give her family credit for giving her the support she needed to start the process of becoming a Nurse Anesthesiologist.

In her spare time she enjoys swimming and painting. She loves to laugh and will often go to comedy shows to relax and unwind.

DeCarla says, “anyone can go to school to become a CRNA, but it takes determination, motivation, and humility to complete this program. The faculty are very supportive and will help you to achieve this goal in any way they can, so don’t get distracted and stay focused because the program continues whether your present or not. The opportunity to be great and conquer the challenge is here and now!”

DeCarla recommends having a study or support group at school to help with the challenges that accompany such massive goals. Her groups have been very instrumental in her emotional and mental health well-being. “If your ever feeling weary going along on this academic road always remember that you have the power to move mountains, so move that fear and persevere!”