Missouri State University
Sheena Speer

Sheena Speer

Following in mom's footsteps

Sheena knew she wanted to be a part of the hospitality industry from a young age. 

Her mom’s job required her to travel a lot, and Sheena found it fascinating. Her mom worked in the hospitality industry, and it sparked Sheena’s interest.

Learning the craft

She chose to pursue her hospitality leadership degree at Missouri State. Taking online classes has been a perk of her program.

“(Adaptability) is important because the hospitality industry is always changing. You have to be able to keep up and adapt!”

“Most of them required discussion questions which helped us to be active within the online class.”

One course that really stood out to her was food safety measures and human resources lectures.

She appreciates the support of her professors.

“Each of the professors had the experience and drive to help us succeed.”

Ready to work in the field

Sheena has earned the skills she needs to be successful in the industry, including customer service and adaptability.

“...You are working with guests all day and knowing how to give them great customer service will go a long way for your and the company.”

Now, she’s looking towards the future. She has accepted a job with Marriott International, in event operations.