Missouri State University

Alexandria Dool

When passion, research and experience combine

Alexandria Dool thrives in MSU’s criminology program, taking in every opportunity along the way.

Dool wants to go as far as she can with criminology. With a future PhD in mind, she stayed at Missouri State University for its accelerated master’s program.

An accelerated master’s program lets you take graduate-level courses as you finish your bachelor’s degree.

Dool has a knack for research. Criminology professor Mary Bozarth, an attorney, noticed that trait and helped set up Dool with an internship at the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in Springfield.

Now, Dool works part-time at the attorney general’s (AG) office while pursuing her master’s in criminology.

Real-life experience

At the AG’s office, Dool deals with the finer details of workers’s compensation claims and victim advocacy. She investigates the medical and work history of workers’ comp claimants. Then, she files the information for lawyers and courts to use.

The job isn’t only in the office though. Dool has been taken to depositions, court cases, pre-trails and voir dire processes.

Alexandria Dool in filing room.

Passion and studies combined

Dool’s position at the AG office is only becoming more intertwined with her studies and passion.

“I’ve done it all. I’ve talked to victim advocates. I’ve worked with investigators. It’s kind of just whatever the day entails.”

For her thesis, Dool is researching the long-term effects of victimized children – studying their habits into adulthood. At the AG office and local court systems, Dool gets to stay with victims at every step of the legal process. She reassures and coordinates those in need.

Graduate classes taught Dool how to use research, and SPSS statistics have increased her job and academic options. “It’s nice being able to have that class as backup. Because I’m using it now as one of my jobs.”

Her next step: a PhD

Dool is looking for a doctorate (PhD) program that combines victimology and policy. She wants to make a change: in teaching and reform. Wherever her next step is, her bachelor’s and master’s degrees will give her the tools she needs.