Faculty and Staff Personnel Action Form

Instructions for completing the Personnel Action Form

The Personnel Action Form (PD-003) is used to report appointments, terminations, changes in status, compensation of an individual employee, etc. The Personal Action Form (PAF) should be used each time there is an action that should be recorded in the individual's personnel file or that requires payroll action. The PAF is used as a transmittal form for approval of the personnel action. Attach all available supportive materials to the form such as:

  • Appointments - official transcripts, W-4, I-9, direct deposit, etc.
  • Resignations/Retirements - letter from employee or standard resignation form.

Section I Personal Information

Enter information about the employee. Always identify an employee by full name, including the middle initial or middle name. Enter the BearPass Number, if available; social security numbers should not be entered. Indicate the name of the employee’s home department to which the employee is assigned. The rest of the information in this section may not be necessary except for the initial appointment of a new employee.

The PAF should not be used to communicate changes in names, home addresses or home telephone numbers. Please direct the employee to Changing Employee Profile.

Indicate the personal email address of new part-time employees; a personal email address is required for computer account creation.

Initial appointments should include the state where the employee resides while performing the work they are being paid to perform and their campus building, room number and telephone number.

Indicate who the employee is replacing unless this is a new position that has not existed before.

Section II Classification

Indicate the employee’s job title. Indicate the type of employee among the choices available. Indicate the effective date for the personnel action.

Section III Assignment Status

Indicate whether full or part-time, the appointment period (not needed except for term appointments or when the end date is known), and the full-time equivalent (FTE).

  • Full-time 75% or above, eligible for full benefits
  • Part-time 51% - 74%, eligible for participation in MOSERS or CURP retirement system
  • Part-time 50% or less, regular - part-time employees working on a regular basis into the foreseeable future, such as an employee scheduled to work at least once a week for a semester.
  • Part-time 50% or less, occasional, irregular, or short-term assignments - part-time employees who are expected to work for a short period of time, such as for peak work load periods, or on an as needed basis with no regular schedule.

Use ‘Period of Appointment or Service: From and To’ for supplemental payments, term appointments and reappointments, or appointments with an end date that is already known.

Section IV Nature of Action

Use check boxes to indicate all actions that apply. Provide any information which would explain the action being taken in Section IX Justification or Comments.

If action is for supplemental pay, include in Section IX Justification or Comments:

  • Description of Services - nature of project and participant’s activities.
  • If grant or contract - percent of time or credit hour equivalent.

Section V Form Information

Indicate the date this form was prepared, the name of the person completing the form, and whether this is a new form or a revision to a previously submitted PAF.

Section VI Reporting Information

For full-time new hires, promotions and transfers: indicate to whom this employee reports (the supervisor who will prepare and deliver the ADP).

Section VII Time and Leave Reporting and Approval

Indicate who will approve Time Sheets or Leave Reports for this employee and provide the Approver’s TS Org number. Indicate whether the employee will enter their own time and leave (Web Time Entry) or whether the department will enter time worked (Departmental Time Entry).

If this employee will be a Time Sheet Approver, Leave Report Approver, or Departmental Time Entry Originator, use the Time Entry Approver/Departmental Time Originator Authorization Form to initiate the set-up. This form must be completed to set up both interim approvers as well as the permanent approver once the vacant position is filled.

Section VIII Salary Information

Indicate the amount of compensation and whether the amount listed is an annual, hourly, semester, one payment, or monthly amount. An hourly pay rate must be provided for nonexempt employees. Indicate the FOAP (Fund, Organization, Account, and Program) to be charged for the employee’s salary (and the percent charged when more than one FOAP is used).

Section IX Justification or Comments

Provide any information that will explain or clarify the personnel actions listed on this form.

Section X Approval

Space for required signatures.


Offers of employment to faculty and staff are contingent upon the Board of Governors approval.

PAYROLL DEADLINE: This form must be completely executed and received in the Office of Human Resources by the 20th of the previous month for the 15th of the month paycheck and the 5th of the month for the paycheck issued on the last day of the month.