Time Entry Approver/Department Time Originator Authorization Form

Instructions for completing the Time Entry Approver/Time Originator Authorization Form

The Time Entry Approver/Originator Authorization Form is used to grant authorization for an employee to approve Timesheets or Leave Reports and/or to process Department Time Entry.

The Time Entry Approver/Originator Authorization Form should be used each time an Approver or Originator needs to be added, such as a change in department or role, or the hiring of a new Approver or Originator.

Section I

Identify the Approver/Originator by full name, campus address, department, phone and BearPass Number.

Section II

Indicate if the employee named in Section I will be approving Timesheets and/or Leave Reports by checking the “Approver” box. If the employee will be entering timesheets for an area or department through Departmental Time Entry, check the “Department Time Originator” box.

All Approvers/Originators are required to have a Proxy on their behalf. Enter the Proxy name and BearPass Number.

Section III

Indicate if assignment is either interim or a permanent assignment status.

If this is a replacement for another Approver/Originator, indicate the name of the employee being replaced.

Enter the effective date that the Approver or Originator will begin their role. This date needs to be at the start of a pay period, i.e. the 16th of the month for a monthly-paid employees, or the 1st or 16th of the month for a semi-monthly-paid employees. Ensure that the effective date allows at least two weeks for processing once the Authorization Form is received in the Payroll Office.

Section IV

List the names and BearPass Numbers of the employees this Approver/Originator will be authorized to approve or enter in the payroll process. For each employee, indicate the time or leave entry type. Print additional pages of this form for the continuation of additional entries.

Section V

Provide any additional information.

Section VI

Provide signature of Department Head, Director, or authorized individual. Authorizing signature cannot be the same as the employee listed in Section I.

Note: Complete this form and forward to the Payroll Office at least two weeks prior to the effective date listed in Section III.

Training: Upon receipt of this form, the Payroll Office will automatically enroll the new Approver/Originator employee in the upcoming Banner Time Approver training class. The employee will receive an email indicating the training date, time and location.

Complete the Time Entry Approver/Department Time Originator Authorization Form to set up or make changes to an approver or department time originator.  Submit completed form with approval to the Payroll Office.  The department should retain a copy for their files and provide one copy to the employee.