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Policies and Procedures

The office of student financial aid maintains a collection of policies and procedures that facilitate the financial aid process:

  • Code of conduct
    Code of conduct governing relationships between the University and student loan lending institutions
  • Consortium agreements
    Policy outlining the qualifications and requirements for receiving financial aid when dually enrolled at Missouri State and another school.
    *Descriptions only. These forms are not current. Refer to the current consortium application under "2015-2016 Forms."*
  • Enrollment Status/Reduced Course Load Policy
    Policy outlining student enrollment status and definition of Full-Time; Three-Quarter Time; Half-Time; and Less Than Half-Time enrollment.
  • FERPA Policy
    Policy outlining the rights to and release of a student's personal, academic and financial aid information
  • Pell Grant policy
    Policy outlining eligibility requirements, summer semester qualifications and dual enrollment considerations
  • Repeated courses and financial aid eligibility
    Policy explaining when a repeated course may not be included in determining your financial aid eligibility
  • Required enrollment policy
    Policy outlining the minimum number of semester hours you must be enrolled in to be eligible for financial aid
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress policy
    Policy explaining the requirements of satisfactory academic progress
  • Scholarship Enrollment and Renewal Standards
    General policies regarding enrollment and renewal standards for Missouri State's institutionally funded scholarships
  • Security of information
    Details about the program that ensures the security, confidentiality and integrity of your information
  • Student eligibility and receiving your aid
    Policy outlining general eligibility requirements for federal, state and university aid programs
  • Study abroad
    Policy outlining how Missouri State scholarships can be applied to study away programs
  • Unusual Enrollment History
    Policy outlining the U.S. Department of Education's regulations to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Pell Grant Program.
  • Verification of your FAFSA
    Details regarding how to verify your FAFSA if selected for verification
  • Veteran benefits
    Information regarding veteran benefits and services at Missouri State
  • Withdrawal from Missouri State
    Policy outlining what happens to your financial aid if you withdraw from Missouri State

How do I Keep my financial aid?