Work Study

What is Work Study?

  • Eligibility determination is based on a student's financial need from FAFSA results.  Students who qualify for a Pell Grant, may be eligible for work study funding.
  • Work study students are paid through federal funding that is allocated to the university.
  • Federal work study is not like a grant or loan where you receive the money in a lump sum. It is a regular job where you work, then get paid for the hours you worked in that pay period.
  • Work study students are paid the same as any student employee. A student can use their earnings in any manner they see fit; they are not required to use the money on their tuition account.
  • The number of students who qualify for work-study is much greater than the allotment that the university receives, so not every student who qualifies will receive work study.
  • Some departments do not have a budget allotment for student employees. These departments rely on work-study employees to provide labor that is at no cost to their departmental budget. This is why some positions you see may be "work study required". You must have received work study on your award letter to apply to these positions. 

If you qualify for work study funding and you did not receive it on your financial aid awards, you can sign up for the work study waiting list.  The link to sign up is located on your MyMissouriState menu under the financial aid section.  Work study wait list funding is awarded on a first come, first serve basis as it becomes available.  

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