Repeated Courses and Financial Aid Eligibility

Op5.08-7 Repeated Courses and Financial Aid Eligibility

Although the University's Repeat Policy (Op 3.04-40) allows an unlimited repeat of courses, the following policy will apply when determining financial aid eligibility.

Federal regulations allow a student to receive financial aid from federal sources (Title IV aid) for only one repeat of a previously passed course. Therefore, financial aid eligibility will be reviewed if a student is repeating for the third time a course for which the student previously earned a passing grade. Depending on the results of that review, financial aid award amounts may require adjustment (e.g., if discounting the repeated course results in a change from full time enrollment). Passing grades for financial aid purposes are grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, or P. Students repeating failed coursework may receive aid for multiple attempts. Exceptions cannot be made for circumstances in which a student has not attained a required grade upon their second attempt for a given class or in order to meet grade point average requirements for graduation (e.g., prerequisite requirements or for courses which require a C grade or better).