Emergency Scholarship Fund

The Missouri State University Emergency Scholarship is a one-time award intended to assist students who are confronted with an unforeseen personal crisis that has caused them to become unable to meet their college financial obligations. Potential applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Student is admitted to a degree program;
  • Student has a cumulative grade point average (MSU and combined) of a 2.50 or higher;
  • Student has an eligible Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status;
  • Student is enrolled at full-time status;
  • Student is facing a documented unplanned and life-altering situation or hardship through no fault of their own. The situation or hardship must qualify as one of the following:
    • Death of a Legal Guardian – Must provide proof by submitting a copy of the death certificate, obituary or a note from the hospital or undertaker.
    • Natural Disaster – Must provide a utility bill or report from insurance company.
    • Fire – Must provide a police/firehouse report and/or insurance report.
    • Other emergency situations which meet the Emergency Scholarship Fund’s intent as stated above. Such cases would be determined on a case by case basis with supporting documentation.
  • Eligible students (e.g., U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens) are encouraged to have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Office of Student Financial Aid;
  • Student has utilized all other available aid, including Pell and Direct Student Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized). Students are not required to apply for PLUS or private loan funds to qualify for this scholarship fund.

Students who meet these criteria must confer with a financial aid counselor who will review their financial aid status and verify initial eligibility. Once initial eligibility is verified, students must submit a completed application, to include appropriate documentation of the exceptional circumstances that they believe justify their need for the scholarship, to the Office of Student Financial Aid. The application will be reviewed by an Emergency Scholarship Review Committee for an awarding decision. The Committee may require additional documentation to support a student’s request.

Award amounts will be determined by the Committee based on a student’s eligibility and circumstances, but will not exceed $2,000 without Administrative approval. Students may receive more than one emergency scholarship during their academic career, should new and unrelated circumstances arise. Individual scholarship awards are considered one-time and are not renewable. Funds are limited and once all available funds have been awarded no additional students may be considered.