Transfer Credit Evaluation

Understanding your evaluation

Taking time to read and understand your transfer credit evaluation will assist you when you are preparing to meet with your academic advisor. We recommend that you take your evaluation to your advisor meeting.

Reading your credit evaluation

College credit is evaluated and grouped by college in chronological order based on the semester(s) you attended each school.

Reviewing your transcript

Use your BearPass Number to set up your My Missouri State account. Then, log in to My Missouri State to view your transcript, which will show the following:

  • Transcript totals
  • Attempted and passed hours
  • Earned hours
  • GPA hours
  • Quality points
  • Total institution, total transfer and overall GPA

Your transcript information is helpful in determining your registration date. For more information, contact your academic advisor, which is listed through the Student tab in My Missouri State (select Student Profile link).

General education program course codes

General education courses (GEC or GEP) fulfill MSU general education requirements as indicated below, but do not have a specific MSU course equivalency. Refer to the general education requirements to see how the GEC or GEP categories correspond with those requirements.

Some majors and degrees require specific general education courses that the GEC or GEP code may not cover. Therefore, even if you receive GEC or GEP credit, you may still have to take a specific MSU general education course for your major.

GEP was given to students who started at Missouri State University prior to fall 2014 when the new General Education took effect. GEC is given to students starting in fall 2014.

Course code Course definition
GEC 101 First-Year Seminar
GEC 102 Written Communication
GEC 103 Oral Communication
GEC 104 Quantitative Literacy
GEC 105 Written Comm. & Integrative & Applied Learning
GEC 106 Life Sciences (lab)
GEC 107 Life Sciences (no lab)
GEC 108 Physical Sciences (lab)
GEC 109 Physical Sciences (no lab)
GEC 110 Social & Behavioral Sciences
GEC 111 Humanities
GEC 112 The Arts
GEC 113 US & MO Constitutions/American History & Institutions
GEC 114 Senate Bill #4 (graduation req.)–MO Constitution Study
GEC 115 Cultural Competence
GEC 116 Public Issues
Course code Course definition
GEP 001 First-Year Foundations
GEP 002 Computers for Learning
GEP 003 Public Speaking
GEP 004 Writing I
GEP 005 Writing II
GEP 006 Mathematics
GEP 007 Fitness for Living
GEP 008 Astronomy/Physics (w/ lab)
GEP 009 Astronomy/Physics (no lab)
GEP 010 Biology/Biomedical Sciences (w/ lab)
GEP 011 Biology/Biomedical Sciences (no lab)
GEP 012 Chemistry (with lab)
GEP 013 Chemistry (no lab)
GEP 014 Geography/Geology (w/ lab)
GEP 015 Geography/Geology (no lab)
GEP 016 Culture & Society – Humanities perspective
GEP 017 Culture & Society – Social Sciences Perspective
GEP 018 Self-Understanding – Social/Behavioral Perspective
GEP 019 Self-Understanding – Humanities Perspective
GEP 020 Self-Understanding – Creativity & Vision Perspective
GEP 021 Public Affairs – American Studies (History)
GEP 022 Public Affairs – American Studies (Political Science)

Educator preparation provider course codes

An Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) code will be assigned to a community college course from a DESE-approved education program if it does not have a direct equivalency, but the Missouri State College of Education decides that substantial similarity exists between it and an MSU course with respect to MoSTEP standards. The PEU code is used to substitute for the Missouri State course in a given undergraduate education degree program.

You may appeal the evaluation or transferability of a PEU course through the College of Education within the Education Advisement Center, Hill Hall Room 202. If you are not pursuing a BS in education and your evaluations show PEU courses, go to the office of admissions for reevaluation for elective credit.

Course code Course definition
PEU 001 Exploring Education
PEU 002 Intro ELE Meth/Prac
PEU 003 Classroom Technology
PEU 004 Children’s Literature
PEU 005 Ed Psych – Child
PEU 006 Ed Psych – Adolesc
PEU 007 Integrated Arts/PE
PEU 008 Math for Teachers
PEU 009 Geometry for Teachers
PEU 010 Foundations for Ed
PEU 011 Health Ed - ELE
PEU 012 Exceptional Child
PEU 013 Behavioral Mgt Techs - ELE
PEU 014 Adolescent Literatures
PEU 015 Teaching Field Experience
PEU 016 Multicultural Education and Diversity

General course codes

You may also have general (GEN) course codes on your equivalency worksheet. See below for definitions of different codes.

Course code Course definition
GEN 000 Elective credit: course transfers but does not have a direct equivalency to a Missouri State course.
GEN 007 Non-transferable courses - credit not accepted.
GEN 010 To compensate for fractions.
GEN 011 Lower division general education requirements have been met by completion of an Associate of Arts (AA) degree.
GEN 012 Student is exempt from general education requirements (lower and upper division) by completion of a bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited college or university.
GEN 013 Lower division general education requirements have been met by completion of an approved general education program.
GEN 016 You are exempt from lower division general education requirement through completion of an Associate of Arts (AA) degree at a regionally accredited private college or university.
GEN 040 Missouri Constitution Study requirement met.
GEN 042 Statewide 42-hour general education core has been met.
GEN 088 This indicates completion of an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. These degrees do not fulfill general education requirements at Missouri State. Students who plan to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in Technology Management at Missouri State may receive additional transfer credit and should contact the Department of Technology and Construction Management at 417-836-5121 for information.
GEN 090 Lower division general education requirements as well as 12 hours of Professional Education requirements by completion of an Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree.

Appeal of transferability or course equivalencies

We recommend you speak with your academic advisor if you believe an elective credit course has significant similarity to a Missouri State course or that a course was incorrectly evaluated.

If it is determined that a course should be reevaluated, access the online transfer credit evaluation system by following these steps:

  • Log in to My Missouri State
  • Go to the Registration tab
  • Browse the My Transfer Credit channel
  • Select the Request Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation link

You must have advisor release to access this system, meaning you must have met with your academic advisor at least once before you will be allowed to submit a course for reevaluation of credit.

Repeat policy

You may repeat any of the courses you take at MSU. All attempts at the course and the grades earned, including those resulting in W, I, and Z, will appear on your transcript. The grade from the most recent attempt at the course will be the one that counts in GPA calculations.

The repeat policy is also applicable to transfer credit. For example, if you earn a C in a course at Missouri State and repeat an equivalent course at another institution, the C will be removed from the calculation of the Missouri State GPA. The transfer grade will be included only in the transfer and combined grade point averages. Read more about the repeat policy.