Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Designing Instruction

Here you'll find “Instructions in a nutshell” for assessing and revising your course learning objectives. Learn more!

Enhancing Teaching

Our aim is to promote enhanced teaching and learning across different teaching modalities, and provide support toward implementing best practices. Learn more!

Integrating Technology

Here you will find a variety of classroom technology services, academic media solutions, and student response system information. Learn more!

Workshops and Events

The FCTL hosts a variety of workshops, events, and mini-grants for new or innovative teaching and learning practices. Learn more!

2016 Digital Professor Academy Orientation

The 2016 Digital Professor Academy is designed to assist faculty in the development of solid pedagogical teaching practices regardless of the instructional environment. Follow the link above to learn about the DPA Orientation schedule.

August 17, 2016

Learn more about the 2016 Showcase on Teaching and learning and this year's Plenary and Keynote speakers.

31st Showcase Faculty Expert Sessions

Thank you for your record attendance to the 31st Showcase Faculty Expert Sessions and the Curriculum Innovation Poster Sessions. Learn more about the 31st Showcase Faculty Expert Sessions presented.

Instructional Design & Development in Action

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