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A top choice for Missouri transfer students.


Join us for Transfer VIP Days

Transfer students are focused and motivated to jump into career-focused academics. That’s why we’ve created Transfer VIP Days at Missouri State just for you.

What will you do at VIP Days?
  • Explore academic programs in your area of interest at a majors fair just for transfer students
  • Enjoy a free lunch with faculty members and students who have transferred into your area of interest
  • Tour campus and see the academic building(s) which are home to your area of interest
  • Network with instructors and students in your area of interest
  • Gather essential information to transfer into your programs of interest


Moving forward with plan in hand


Missouri State strives to provide a hassle-free transfer experience.
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Step 1
Discover what is required to be admitted to Missouri State.
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Step 2
Use our online guides to find out how your credits will transfer.
Two smiling Missouri State students sitting within the Meyer library at a laptop.
Step 3
Apply for summer and fall as early as one year before you wish to transfer. Apply for spring in late July.
A Missouri State student with her family on move in day.
Step 4
Request your transcripts be sent to Missouri State.
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Step 5
Calculate your estimated costs. Discover financial aid and scholarships for transfer students.
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Step 6
Once admitted, you will receive your transfer evaluation and be assigned an advisor.
Three Missouri State students playing with a pup in downtown Springfield, MO.
Step 7
Located in the heart of the Ozarks, explore all Springfield has to offer.
Two Missouri State students who are members of the Sigma Kappa sorority.
Step 8
Build a support network. Find students with similar interests. Build lifelong friendships.

Make a seamless transfer

Transfer 2 + 2 plans are created to provide peace of mind. Access this guide early in your college career to make the most efficient progress toward earning your Missouri State bachelor’s degree.

Transferring from a community college? Check out these plans by institution.

Missouri State students at the MSU-West Plains campus.

You may transfer and participate in Missouri State programs at the following satellite locations:

Crowder College

Ozarks Technical Community College

Missouri State - West Plains (MSU Outreach)

West Plains

Application deadlines

Mark your calendar

You may apply as early as a year in advance, but not for spring semester as the application is not available until late July.
Two Missouri State students with a professor working with a mannequin within a CNAS classroom.

Fall semester

Transferring for Fall semester (starts in August) – admission application available as early as the previous August.
Missouri State student carrying a plant in a box on campus.

Spring semester

Transferring for Spring semester (starts in January) – admission application available in late July.
Two Missouri State students sitting at Hammons fountain, in the summertime, playing with a small dog.

Summer semester

Transferring for Summer session (starts in June) – admission application available as early as the previous August.

Let us help you transfer

Questions about the admission process, including application, transcripts and timeline? Contact Bart Tibbs:

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Questions about getting connected to an academic advisor and next steps after being admitted? Contact Campbell Keele:

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Transferring to Missouri State from any of our OTC campus locations? Contact Donna Rebmann:

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Are you a nontraditional, adult student? Have questions regarding Transfer 2+2 Plans and Adult Student Services? Contact Jaime Ross:

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