Meet Your Instructors

Esmeralda Chavez

Major: Physical therapy.

I teach a dance class! I have loved music and movement ever since I was little. As an instructor, I hope to share my passion for dance with all of you, and I hope you all find dancing a good way to exercise and have fun!


Teresa Brandenburg

Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness

Master’s in Health Promotion and Wellness Management

About me: My philosophy is “talk only positively about yourself”. I am certified to teach Pound, Spin, and Indoor Cycling. I also have my certification in AFFA Group Fitness and Personal Training.  I would love to be on the show Survivor and have a passion for karaoke, travel, and watching music videos.


Katie Hansen

Fitness & Wellness Graduate Assistant

Major: 1st year student of Occupational Therapy, B.S in Psychology, Minor in Disability Studies

About me: My dream is to be a pediatric occupational therapist. I have a passion for fitness and encouraging others. I love being outside hiking, kayaking, and running!


Makenzie Maples

Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Exercise & Movement Science

Minor: Nutrition

About Me: My goal is to become an Athletic Trainer. I’ve been familiar with fitness and weight lifting for 6 years now and have been involved with multiple sports throughout the years. I love being outdoors and playing with animals.


Emma Taylor

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Chemistry

About me: What I love about fitness is the benefits it brings to your body. Not only is yoga/exercising a stress reliever but also a confidence booster. As a chemistry major, in the future I have hopes to study medicine or go into nutritional research. Fun fact about me is that I’m legally blind in my left eye.


Kaylee Percival

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Classes taught: Pilates & More

About Me: I have 16 years of ballet training, in which pilates was immensely emphasized. I love this class because it allows me to teach others how to target specific muscle groups to achieve strength, flexibility, and stability! I love to meeting new people, Dr. Pepper, and spending time with my family and friends.


Collin Jones

Major: Communication with an emphasis in Intercultural Relations and Diversity

Minor: Military Science and Theatre

About me: I am certified through the United States Navy in personal, group training, and nutrition therapy. I have been an acting member in the armed forces for 5 years and have trained service men and women across the country. My style of training is geared toward self-body movement and strength. I can provide endurance, resistance, and weight training to meet the needs of any client’s personal goals.


Brandon Harbour

Year in School: Senior

Major: Finance

About me: I am a senior here at MSU pursuing a Degree in Finance. I am also an Instrument Single Engine Pilot who flies quite often. I grew up all over the world from Japan to England and the United States. Aquatic related workouts are my passion.


Ethan Irsik

Year in School: Junior

Major: Communications

About me: I’m originally from Kansas City and I enjoy working out, especially focusing on strength and conditioning.


Kyle Dickmeyer

Year in School: Junior

Major: Environmental plant science

Classes taught: Cardio barbell, strength and conditioning, HIIT, etc.

About me: I’ve been around fitness my entire life as an athlete and it is something I am very passionate about.


Kylee Evans

Year in School: Senior

Major: Philosophy

About Me: I have been with the fitness crew at the FRC for 3 years where I have learned the benefits of a fit and healthy life. I hope to pass that information onto my clients in a fun and engaging way.


Lauren Conner

Year in school: Freshman

Major: Biology

About me: I am mainly a runner but I have participated in multiple exercise programs over the years and enjoy body weight workouts. I am excited to create an encouraging and supportive environment where you will be pushed to your limits and reach your potential.


Maddy Lewis

Year in School: Junior

Major: Middle School Education with an emphasis in social studies

About me: I currently teach Aqua Fit, which is a jam packed full body workout in the water. When I’m not teaching my class, I’m working at the FRC as a lifeguard or as a building manager, so if you see me, come say hi!


Makayla Kincaid

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Business

Minor: Graphic Design

About me: I am currently certified as a group fitness instructor through FiTour. This is my second year teaching chisel fit and my first year as a fitness attendant. Don’t be shy to say hi or join the chisel fit family! I love being able to spread the good spirits of fitness through a challenging yet comforting class for everyone.


Maddy Lepper

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Exercise and Movement Science

Minor: Nutrition

About me: I also hold a group trainer certification through FiTour and plan to get my CSCS certification upon graduation. This is my first semester teaching bear-fit classes. One of my favorite things is to watch clients challenge themselves, and that is what I provide in each and every workout I create.