Meet Your Instructors


Makenzie Maples

Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Exercise & Movement Science

Minor: Nutrition

About Me: My goal is to become an Athletic Trainer. I’ve been familiar with fitness and weight lifting for 6 years now and have been involved with multiple sports throughout the years. I love being outdoors and playing with animals.



Maddy Lepper

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Exercise and Movement Science

Minor: Nutrition

About me: I also hold a group trainer certification through FiTour and plan to get my CSCS certification upon graduation. This is my first semester teaching bear-fit classes. One of my favorite things is to watch clients challenge themselves, and that is what I provide in each and every workout I create.


Layla Ward

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Elementary Education

About me: I have always enjoyed staying active; I grew up dancing and doing pilates/yoga. Recently, I gained a pilates trainer certification through FiTour, and this is my first semester teaching classes! I'm looking forward to encouraging and inspiring more people to find a love for fitness and working out.


Tyler Nielsen

Year in School: Senior

Major: Exercise and Movement Science ​​​​​​​

About me: Hey! My name is Tyler Nielsen, and I am a NASM certified personal trainer who is finishing my undergraduate degree in Exercise & Movement Science the spring semester 2021. I have worked at the Foster Recreation Center for 4 years where I have had the opportunity to train clients individually, in a group setting, and teach our BearFit classes! I am passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals through sweat, intensity, and most importantly, a smile. I love making my clients feel confident in the gym and pushing them to become better versions of themselves. I cannot wait to get started with you and grow together!


Jaclyn Kohler (Anand)

Picture of Jaclyn Kohler

Jaclyn Kohler, also known as Anand, is a yogini with a passion for alternative healing. Her journey began 8 years ago after losing her father, and the Universe presented her with the tools needed to process in a healthy way via Kundalini yoga and more! Multiple studies in kundalini yoga have ensued, with both 3HO and Raviana bringing a well rounded wealth of knowledge from many teachers. Jaclyn is also a massage therapist and Reiki Master.  Currently completing her 500 hr Iyengar influenced hatha teacher training course with Dustin Turner, she is continuing to connect to her previous knowledge, and incorporate proper body alignment into her classes. As the journey of life continues so will her study of yoga, and alternative therapies as she believes our healing is in our own hands, and we are all here to support each other through the beautiful adventure of Being. Join Jaclyn Mondays at 12pm for Kundalini Yoga and Wednesdays for Yoga for Strength and Balance for Bear Fit. Find the rest of the classes that her yoga studio offers at 

Patty Hilton

Picture of Patty Hilton

Patty found her love for dance fitness due to her need to keep her lungs healthy. Four years ago, she had a life-saving double lung transplant due to Cystic Fibrosis. She was invited to Jazzercise by her neighbor, and danced her first class barefoot. "All I remember after the first class is how fun it was and how much I wanted to go back!" Patty has been a certified Jazzercise FitPro for 3 years at Springfield South Jazzercise on S. Campbell. She works hard, but loves a booty shakin' beat! Patty is a senior at MSU getting her bachelors in Graphic Design and will graduate Spring of 2022. She can't wait to share her love of dance fitness with others!

"I haven't always loved exercise, but Jazzercise makes it fun and worth the sweat."

Dawn Snapp

Picture of Dawn Snapp

Dawn found her love for dance fitness as an MSU college student. She was looking for a way to connect with others having just moved to Springfield from Northern California, and to get fit. She was invited to Jazzercise in one of her undergrad college classes at Missouri State, and the rest is history. "I signed up for Jazzercise and found a love for dance, movement, and community."" It was love at first hip shake." "Dancing it out every week helps me burn stress and stay fit!" Dawn has been a certified Jazzercise FitPro for 20 years, and is the business owner of Springfield South Jazzercise on S. Campbell. She prides herself on making all of her classes feel like a dance party! Dawn earned a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Reading from MSU, and enjoys teaching second grade at Mark Twain Elementary here in Springfield. She can't wait to share the love of dance fitness with others!

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Kendra Kelley

Picture of Kendra Kelley

Kendra grew up with Jazzercise in her family but truly fell in love with the workout during college. Jazzercise became an important part of her life to help deal with the stressors of college and life, to become more healthy, to be a part of the amazing and supportive Jazzercise community, to increase confidence, and dance the day away. Kendra is a 4th grade teacher, Springfield native, reader, and animal lover!

“I want every student to leave my class proud of themself and knowing they are strong, worthy, and beautiful.”

Rebecca Martin

Picture of Rebecca Martin​​​​​​​

Rebecca discovered her passion for Jazzercise later in life. She attended classes here and there throughout her time in college, but she found herself falling in love with Jazzercise in 2014 which led her to become an instructor in 2016. She has three goals/questions for her Jazzercise students: 1 . Did you smile at least once during class 2. Did you push past your comfort zone and do more than you thought you could and 3. Are you sore the day after class and think of her?

Rebecca truly enjoys sharing Jazzercise with college students and is excited for this opportunity at MSU - her alma mater for both her Bachelors and her Masters.