Pay the Confirmation Fee

Payment of your $125 confirmation fee acts as your official acceptance of MSU’s offer of admission and confirms your intent to enroll and attend SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration). The confirmation fee payment is also required in order to be able to apply for on campus housing.

Who is required to pay the confirmation fee?

All first-time students admitted to Missouri State for the fall semester with fewer than 24 transferable credit hours earned AFTER high school graduation are required to pay the confirmation fee and attend SOAR.

Who is NOT required to pay the confirmation fee?

Transfer students: Students with 24 or more hours earned after high school graduation do not attend SOAR; instead, these students must complete an online transfer orientation and schedule an appointment with an advisor to enroll in classes. See our Admitted Transfer Student To-Do List for a list of steps to take upon entering Missouri State.

Nontraditional students: Students who are 22 years of age or older, are married and/or have children, have not been in school for an extended period of time, or are primarily taking evening courses may take part in alternative orientation and registration opportunities offered by the Office of Adult Student Services.

What does the confirmation fee cover?

The confirmation fee confirms your intent to enroll and saves your spot in MSU’s incoming class of first-time students for the fall semester. It also covers the cost of attending SOAR.

When can I register for SOAR?

SOAR registration will open February 1. If you have paid your confirmation fee by that date you will be able to register for a SOAR session and complete the SOAR Springboard right away. If you pay the confirmation fee after February 1, you will be able to register for a SOAR session and complete the springboard within 24 hours of submitting the confirmation fee.