Transferring an Associate Degree or the 42-Hour Block

Many of our transfer students fulfill MSU’s general education requirements by transferring in an Associate of Arts degree or completing the Missouri 42-hour transferable block.

Associate of Arts degrees

An Associate of Arts degree from an accredited community or junior college transfers satisfies our general education requirements. We do recommend that you meet with an advisor in your major to review our general education curriculum as some general education requirements are also major requirements.


Missouri State also accepts the AA degree from out-of-state accredited community or junior colleges as fulfilling our general education requirements.

Associate of Science and Applied Science degrees

If you have completed an AS or an AAS degree from an accredited community or junior college, you will be required to meet our general education requirements. The courses from these degrees transfer individually and are evaluated as such.

Missouri State does offer a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) option with specific transfer plans:

Associate of Arts in Teaching

Determinations of transfer credit based on MOStep competencies found in DESE-approved courses from Missouri community colleges are made by the College of Education.

Transferring from a four-year public or private institution

Completed courses will be evaluated on an individual basis unless you have completed a certified 42-hour Missouri transferable block.

If the courses transfer as general education equivalents, they will fulfill the requirements. If not, you will be required to complete Missouri State’s respective general education requirements.

42-hour Missouri transferable block

If you completed an approved 42-hour general education block from a participating institution, you have also fulfilled the Missouri State 42-hour general education block.

Ozarks Technical Community College students will actually complete 43 hours for this transferable block.

State-Mandated Civics Exam

The State-Mandated Civics Exam is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students at Missouri State. It needs to be completed by the last day of classes of your final semester to satisfy graduation requirements. For additional information, please visit our State-Mandated Civics Exam web page.

Missouri State University-Springfield campus does not offer the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Applied Science degrees.  However, these degrees are available through the Missouri State University-West Plains campus.  Information above describes how the Missouri State University-Springfield campus accepts AA and AAS degrees.