Diversity in the United States Undergraduate Certificate

Two African-American Students

Work with diverse groups

Raise your understanding of different cultures, people and social issues.

Make yourself ready to live, work and thrive in a diverse workforce and society.

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Diversity in the United States

This certificate is designed to provide students with course work and experiences to enhance the student’s cultural competence and increase understanding issues of diversity and inclusion. This will also assist in providing the background students will need to live and work in a diverse workforce and society. In keeping with the university’s public affairs mission the certificate seeks to equip students for greater cultural consciousness in the workplace and in the community. It is especially designed for students who will work in diverse environments associated with human resources, corporations or non-profits, and sales and marketing with a focus on issues of domestic diversity as experienced in the United States as evidenced in the title. Students completing this program will have a better understanding of the nature of social diversity and issues that people from diverse backgrounds experience.

Admission requirements

Completion of at least 30 hours and a GPA of 2.50 or higher.

Program requirements (12 hours)

  1. Four courses from: AAS 100(3), ANT 327(3), COM 412(3), CRM 410(3), CRM 415(3), DAS 100(3), GST 170(3), HST 324(3), HST 331(3), HST 332(3), REL 346(3), REL 370(3), SOC 336(3), SOC 337(3).
  2. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

Completion requirements

Attain a C or better in all courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements. No more than two courses can be taken with the same course code.

Contact for More Information

Person item component: MSWillis@MissouriState.edu
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