Building a global perspective on humanity

With an emphasis on understanding the cultures and societies of our world, the anthropology minor is a great complement to numerous fields of study, including biology, geography, history, psychology and sociology. Anthropology builds a foundation for understanding the diversity of our world, which will prepare you for personal and professional success in our multicultural, globalized society.

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Program requirements

The anthropology minor at Missouri State University is an 18-hour program. Simply choose six classes that interest you in Anthropology but make sure that at least four of them are upper division courses. This model allows you to emphasize any of the four fields in Anthropology (Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics) or to take courses from each area for a full review of the entire field of Anthropology.


Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Social Work

Complete 18 hours in Anthropology including at least 12 hours of coursework numbered 300 or higher.

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