Scholarships and Financial Aid

Our department has access to many scholarships. Typically, you may receive some of these scholarships only once during your career at Missouri State University; however, you may be able to apply for certain scholarships more than once, and should consider applying for different scholarships each year. Please keep in mind you only have one application to fill out to apply for ALL available scholarships with the MSU Annual Scholarship Application, including ones outside of our department!

The scholarships are awarded on academic ability, and most will require proof of community involvement while in school. The best way to make yourself eligible for a scholarship is to do well in your classes, and if you are not already active in the community, find an issue you are passionate about and volunteer with an agency that addresses that issue in the community.

And remember:

  • Get to know your professors. Not only are you likely to need their letters of recommendation, but they are an excellent source of information and support, and can help you find the place for your passion!
  • Read the program requirements for your degree, the GPA requirements, and the expectations for community service to ensure your eligibility for any of the department scholarships.
  • Fill out the whole scholarship application as completely and fully as possible to assure you get the maximum benefit. There are a large number of scholarships available that are not based on a major or department, and you don't want to miss out!
  • Contact our department if you wish to discuss the requirements of a particular department scholarship. If you need more information about applying for a department scholarship, or if you have questions about other scholarships offered on campus, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.


MSU Foundation Scholarships

MSU Foundation Scholarships are made possible through private gifts to the University made by individuals, groups or companies. They are awarded to students each year based on a wide range of criteria: college, major/minor, high school attended, outstanding academic achievement, leadership, financial need, etc.

The Search Tool will allow you to view available scholarships. You may search using keywords or the category search filter option, however you cannot apply for scholarships using the Search Tool.

For more information, including how to apply for all Foundation Scholarship opportunities by the April 1 deadline, please visit the MSU Foundation Scholarships.