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Archaeologists seek to explore the history of people and cultures through the study of material remains. Archaeology involves a concern for the management of archaeological sites, the interpretation of cultural heritage, and the ethics of preserving and presenting the human past.

Students minoring in archaeology will gain hands-on knowledge of archaeological field and laboratory methods, become familiar with theories used to interpret the archaeological record, and learn about the importance of archaeology in contemporary societies.

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Students at Archeology Field School

Considering a minor to pair with your major? This minor is an excellent companion to any major including Anthropology, History, Religious Studies, Geology, Geospatial Sciences, and Geography.


Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Social Work
  1. Required core: ANT 305(3), 351(3), and 545(3) or 550(3).
  2. Nine additional hours, including at least three hours of Anthropology, from the following. The Archaeology minor advisor may approve substitution of relevant coursework not listed here. ANT 340(3), 342(3), 345(3), 347(3), 351(3)*, 355(3), 360(3), 505(3), 545(3)*, 550(3)*, 555(3); ANT 397(3)**, 499(3)**, 598(3)**; GEO 200(3), 360(3), 363(4), 551(3), 569(3), 572(3), 575(3); GLG 110(4), 171(3), 172(1), 314(3), 412(4), 590(3); GRY 348(3); HST 569(3), HST 574(3), REL 570(3).

    *ANT 351 is a variable content course repeatable for credit towards the minor if the content differs. ANT 545 and ANT 550 are not repeatable for credit towards the minor.
    **When applicable, as determined by the Archaeology minor advisor.

Program restrictions

  1. Students may not declare or earn both a minor in Archaeology and a certificate in Archaeology.
  2. No more than six hours may be counted towards requirements for both the Archaeology minor and an Anthropology BA and BS major.

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