Professional Organizations

Expanding your options in a professional atmosphere

Membership in professional organizations related to the political science field can provide additional career resources and boost any resume. There are several professional organizations that allow student members to join and become involved.

Political science organizations

The American Political Science Association (APSA) The American Political Science Association (APSA) is the leading professional organization for the study of political science. APSA website provides links for students to learn more about careers, trends, and special issues in political science.  ASPA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions and occupational inside and outside of academia to expand an awareness and understanding of politics. ASPA has over 15,000 members from over 80 countries throughout the world.

Academy of Political Science (APS) The Academy of Political Science is dedicated to the scholarly examination of political institutions, processes and public policy. The APS strives to channel the best political science research understandable way and educate members of the general public so that they become better informed participants in the democratic process. The APS publishes the “Political Science Quarterly” which covers research in the areas government, and politics and policy, both international and domestic. There are also regional branch organizations of the  APS including the New England Political Science Association, the Midwest Political Science Association, the Western Political Science Association, the Southwestern Political Science Association and the Southern Political Science Association.

Public administration organizations

American Society for Public Administration [ASPA] Approximately 9,000 government and nonprofit administrators, scholars, educators and students enjoy the benefits of membership in the largest and most prominent professional association in public administration. ASPA advances the art, science, teaching and practice of public and nonprofit administration through its programs and services and fosters core public service values including: accountability and performance, professionalism, social equity, and ethics at the local, national and international levels.

International City/County Management Association [ICMA] Founded in 1914, ICMA is the premier local government leadership and management organization. Its mission is to create excellence in local governance by advocating and developing the professional management of local government worldwide. In addition to supporting its nearly 9,000 members, ICMA provides publications, data, information, technical assistance, and training and professional development to thousands of city, town and county experts and other individuals throughout the world.

International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration [IASIA] The IASIA is an association of organizations and individuals whose activities and interests focus on public administration and management. Its main emphasis is on the development and use of human resources.

International Institute of Administrative Sciences [IIAS] The IIAS exists to advance the study and practice of public administration and public management. Although it has existed for over 70 years (since 1930), the Institute’s focus is on the present and the future.  How governance is done and how it could be done better; how the law of administration applies and how it might be applied more correctly; and how the management of public affairs is conducted and how it might be best done – all of these reflect its activities.

Missouri City Management Association [MCMA] The Missouri City Management Association is the professional association of appointed local government administrators in cities and counties in the “Show-Me” State. Its members are from both small and large, rural and urban communities who share a common commitment to responsible and responsive government, ethical behavior in the public interest, and professional development to enhance their abilities to effectively serve the communities and the citizens.

Missouri Municipal League [MML]  The Missouri Municipal League is an independent, statewide, not-for-profit association. Its aim is “to develop an agency for the cooperation of Missouri cities, towns and villages and to promote the interest, welfare and closer relations among them in order to improve municipal government and administration in the state.” Thus, the League’s basic goal is to strengthen cities through unity and cooperation.

National Academy of Public Administration [NAPA] The NAPA is a non-profit, independent coalition of top public management and organizational leaders who tackle the nation’s most critical and complex challenges. With a network of more than 600 distinguished Fellows and an experienced professional staff, the Academy is uniquely qualified and trusted across government to provide objective advice and practical solutions based on systematic research and expert analysis. Established in 1967 and chartered by Congress, the Academy continues to make a positive impact by helping federal, state and local governments respond effectively to current circumstances and changing conditions.

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration [NASPAA] NASPAA is an institutional membership organization which exists to promote excellence in public service education. The membership includes U.S. university programs in public affairs, public policy, public administration and nonprofit management.

United Nations Public Administration Network [UNPAN] UNPAN is a global networking tool that connects relevant international, regional, sub-regional and national institutions worldwide for the promotion of better public administration. It is designed to help countries, especially developing countries and countries in economic transition, respond to the challenges that governments face in bridging the digital divide between the “haves and have-nots” and to achieve their development goal.

International studies organizations

African Studies Association (ASA) The ASA is based in the United States and strives to encourage research, teaching, address challenges and broaden professional organization and promote a greater understanding of Africa and African issues. ASA hosts an annual international conference and publishes two journals the “African Studies Review” and “History in Africa”.

American Association for Chinese Studies (AACS) The AACS encourages the study of subjects related to China, advances the exchange of information and scholarship between academic disciplines and promotes communication between scholars throughout the world involved in Chinese studies. The AACS also holds an academic conference and publishes a journal, “The American Journal of Chinese Studies”.

American Political Science Association Conference Group on Taiwan Studies (APSA) The APSA Conference Group on Taiwan Studies (CGOTS) aims to promote Taiwan area studies in the mainstream political science community, to assist Chinese political scientist from Taiwan in their professional development and to facilitate the development and growth of an integrated academic community. Students from the Master of International Affairs degree program have presented at the CGOTS.

Association of Chinese Political Studies (ACPS) As the largest U.S. based organization dedicated to professional activities related to Chinese politics, ACPS provides leadership, professional opportunities, and intellectual exchange to those interested in Chinese political studies. ACPS has held more than two dozen conferences and workshops around the globe, established a top international journal on Chinese politics “The Journal of Chinese Political Science”. Students from the Master of International Affairs program have presented at ACPS conferences.

International Studies Association (ISA) Promoting research and education in international affairs, with well over five thousand members in North America and around the world, ISA is the most well respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. ISA cooperates with 57 international studies organizations in over 30 countries. Students in the Master of International Affairs Program have presented at ISA regional meetings.

Middle East Studies Association (MESA) MESA is a private, non-profit, and non-political organization that brings together scholars from all over the world interested in studying the Middle East Region. It is responsible for the “International Journal of Middle East Studies” and a newsletter, “MESAReview of Middle East”. MESA also holds an annual meeting each year.

Latin American Studies Association (LASA) As the largest professional association in the world for individuals and institutions engaged in the study of Latin America, LASA brings together experts on Latin America from all disciplines and diverse occupations, across the globe. The LASA holds the International Congress which features sessions and expert discussions on Latin America and the Caribbean. LASA also publishes the “Latin American Research Review” and the “LASA Forum” a quarterly newsletter.

Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA) The BRASA is a group of international scholars who promote Brazilian studies, especially in the humanities and social sciences. Every other year the BRASA hosts, BRASA X, an international congress on Brazilian studies.

International Political Science Association (IPSA) The IPSA supports the development of political science and aims to link academic scholars in both established and emerging and democracies. Research committees provide the opportunity for scholars from all over the world to connect and conduct research in the political science field. The ISPA also holds a World Congress of Political Science every other year and publishes the “International Political Science Review”, the “International Political Science Abstracts”, “Participation” and the “IPSA Portal”.

Cultural and regional area studies affiliated groups The American Political Science Association (APSA) has created a list of organizations that study particular regions throughout the world. This list serves as a guide to students, scholars and professionals interested in political science and affairs in a particular region or country.

Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) The ASN brings together scholars, doctoral candidates, policy analysts and NGO practitioners, interested in the Balkans, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus, Eurasia) and nationalism studies. Each year the ASN a World Convention at Columbia University and  also publishes journals, “Nationalities Papers” and “Ethnopolitics”.