Critical thinking and decision making skills to supplement any major

The public law minor is often paired with a business, communication or criminology major. The public law minor will teach critical thinking and decision making skills that are useful in management and administration. This minor allows you to select from a wide variety of courses including political science, law, philosophy, criminology, history and sociology. This minor will prepare you for careers in law, local and state government, business and nonprofits.

Minor requirements

Public Law

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Social Work
  1. PLS 101(3); PLS 419(3) or CRM 260(3); PLS 515(3), 517(3), 520(3).
  2. Additional six hours from the following to total at least 21 hours: CRM 210(3), CRM 260(3), HST 517(3), LAW 231(3), LAW 531(3), PHI 340(3), PLS 419(3), PLS 493(1-3), PLS 567(3), PSY 320(3), SOC 380(3).

    Note: No more than six hours taken for the BA or BS Political Science major may be counted on the Public Law minor.