International Relations Minor

Exploring a global community

The international relations minor is commonly paired with a major in religious studies, global studies or international business, but can complement many other majors. Courses in this minor are designed to cover how decision making processes are developed in business, economics and government. You will explore relationship management between nations and discuss current issues and policy making in a global community.

Minor requirements

International Relations

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. PLS 101(3), 205(3), 232(3), 320(3).
  2. Nine hours from the following to total at least 21 hours in the minor, two of these courses must be PLS courses: PLS 319(3), 333(3), 338(3), 343(3), 437(3), 439(3), 443(3), 544(3), 545(3), 546(3), 547(3), 548(3), 550(3), 555(3), 565(3), 569(3); ECO 565(3); GRY 323(3), GRY 507(3).

    Note: No more than nine hours taken for the BA or BS Political Science major can be counted toward the International Relations minor.