A customized path to your career in law

As you prepare for a legal career, you'll have the freedom to concentrate on a subject area that truly excites you. Law school requires no prerequisite courses and has no preferred majors, which is why Missouri State's pre-law program is not a major, minor or series of courses.

Degree options

Start law school early. Finish your bachelor's degree while in law school.

Related programs

Many successful attorneys focused their undergraduate studies in subjects that are considered to be traditional paths to the law, such as history, English, philosophy, political science, economics or business. Other successful attorneys majored in such areas as art, music, computer science, engineering, nursing, agriculture or education.

Individualized advisement

The path you follow is up to you. But to help you along the way, Missouri State provides pre-law advisors in many departments and also through the Academic Advising and Transfer Center. Your advisors will give you expert guidance on courses, research projects and other co-curricular opportunities that will help you compete for acceptance into the best law schools.

Helping you succeed

Make a smart investment in your future. Access financial aid and friendly support.

Immersive academics

Get ready to meet your next mentor. You’ll be prepared, confident and ready for your career.