PLS 101 General Education Goals

Part I – Intellectual abilities and dispositions

A. Reflective, creative, and critical dispositions

  • Striving to be well-informed and open-minded
  • Intellectual self-awareness: being conscious of one’s own thinking process, including the cultural and social contexts of that thinking

Part II – Knowledge and understanding

B. Understanding of culture and society

  • Understanding the sources and expression of diverse values throughout the world, including ethical, religious, aesthetic, political and economic values, as well as, social and cultural priorities
  • Understanding the ways human choices affect communities, from local to global and responsibilities of individuals to assume the duties of citizenship
  • Understanding the role of government regulation and of legal requirements, political processes, and financial and economic influences on decisions of individuals and society

C. Self-understanding

  • Knowledge of individual physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative development as well as ability to use such knowledge to improve personal well-being
  • Knowledge of individual physical, emotional, intellectual, social, historical, spatial and cultural matrices into which the individual is born; and the influence of the unique set of experiences which the individual encounters