Internship Opportunities for Religious Studies Students

Why pursue an internship?

Internships provide students with the opportunity to directly apply their academic skills (research, writing, presenting, collaborating, critical thinking) and coursework to real-world organizations, businesses and initiatives. The Religious Studies major not only sharpens such specific job skills as listed above, but also facilitates students’ development of cultural competence, ethical leadership and thoughtful community engagement that offer an employer not only a skilled individual, but also a well-rounded and well-informed individual.

Through an internship, students learn more about job skills they are gaining through their Religious Studies major, realize more fully how a degree in Religious Studies qualifies them for meaningful work in the real world and discover more about the career directions they may (or may not) want to pursue. Plus, they will gain valuable work experience to include on your résumé.

An internship can be powerful learning experience and it can accelerate students down the path toward their next steps beyond college.

An internship is not required for a Religious Studies degree, but may qualify for academic credit as Religious Studies elective REL 499.

Please note:

Internships advised by Religious Studies faculty and/or given credit by the Religious Studies department are only available to Religious Studies majors and minors.

Our internships are available to all eligible Religious Studies majors or minors, irrespective of their personal or faith orientation.

As an academic program in a public university, we may not grant academic credit for specifically confessional activities.

Internships offered:

Ambassadors for Children Internship 

KSMU Radio "Religion Beat" Internship 

Missouri Health Care for All Internship 

Moral Injury Institute Internship 

For a brief description of these Internships, see the flyer here!

Application procedures

Complete and submit the Internship Application by downloading the PDF. You may email the completed application to: or print the application and bring it to the MSU Religious Studies Department in Strong Hall 282.

maroon PDF button Download the application form in PDF format

Download the application form in Word docx format

After reviewing the applications, a member of the Internship Committee will contact you.

Typically, the internship is a 3-credit hour upper division course, REL 499, requiring at least 120 hours of experience with the placement site (40 hours per credit hour).  

Optimize Your Internship Experience!

Let potential employers know about your internship experience by using a Co-Curricular Transcript.

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official university document that will showcase a student's "out of the classroom" college experiences. Each experience will be linked to specific learning outcomes to illustrate the transferable skills the student learned through that involvement.

Each student's Co-Curricular Transcript is generated from his or her involvement history on Campus LINK. Where is Campus LINK? Log in to My Missouri State and, in the "Profile" tab, under "Student Engagement," you'll see "Campus LINK." If you need help with this, contact the Office of Student Engagement.

Have an idea for an internship?

The Department of Religious Studies will offer specific internship opportunities as they arise, but students may also initiate an internship that interests them. More information may be found on the MSU Career Services website.