Accelerated Pathway

Because the Department of Languages, Cultures and Religions (LCR) recognizes that many students have acquired proficiency in Spanish, French, or German as a result of previous exposure to and experience with the language, it has established an accelerated pathway for completion of the minor.

The accelerated pathway is not a new academic program. Rather, it is a placement mechanism that allows students with demonstrated language abilities to begin at a higher point in the regular sequence and to complete the minor by taking just three classes-–the 312 course (Grammar and Composition) in the language and two electives.

Learners from the following groups may be eligible for the accelerated pathway, pending verification of their language proficiency:

  • Heritage speakers — learners raised in French-, German-, or Spanish-speaking households who completed secondary education in the United States.
  • Native speakers — learners who completed secondary education in countries where French, German, or Spanish is the primary language.
  • Other speakers with advanced proficiency — learners who have developed high degrees of functional language ability because of intensive study or long-term residency in French-, German-, or Spanish-speaking countries.

Students interested in pursuing the accelerated pathway should call the LCR office at 417-836-5514 and request an appointment with the department head for an eligibility assessment. Eligibility is contingent upon verification of language proficiency, which in most cases will require that candidates:

Once deemed eligible, students on the accelerated pathway must:

  • Declare a minor in Spanish, French, or German.
  • Pass SPN 312, FRN 312, or GRM 312 with a B or better.
  • Apply for retroactive credit for the conversation level class and the 201- and 202-level courses.
  • Complete two additional Spanish, French, or German electives (297 level or higher).