Accelerated Pathway

Because the Department of Languages, Cultures and Religions (LCR) recognizes that many students have acquired proficiency in Spanish, French, or German as a result of previous exposure to and experience with the language, it has established an accelerated pathway for completion of the minor.

The accelerated pathway is not a new academic program. Rather, it is a placement mechanism that allows students with demonstrated language abilities to begin at a higher point in the regular sequence and to complete the minor by taking just three classes-–the 312 course (advanced Grammar and Composition) in the language and two electives.

Learners from the following groups may be eligible for the accelerated pathway, pending verification of their language proficiency:

  • Heritage speakers — learners raised in French-, German-, or Spanish-speaking households who completed secondary education in the United States.
  • Native speakers — learners who completed secondary education in countries where French, German, or Spanish is the primary language.
  • Other speakers with advanced proficiency — learners who have developed high degrees of functional language ability because of intensive study or long-term residency in French-, German-, or Spanish-speaking countries.

Students interested in pursuing the accelerated pathway should call the LCR office at 417-836-5122 and request an appointment with the department head for an eligibility assessment. Eligibility is contingent upon verification of language proficiency, which in most cases will require that candidates:

Once deemed eligible, students on the accelerated pathway must:

  • Declare a minor in Spanish, French, or German.
  • Pass SPN 312, FRN 312, or GRM 312 with a B or better.
  • Apply for retroactive credit for the conversation level class and the 201- and 202-level courses.
  • Complete two additional Spanish, French, or German electives (297 level or higher).

* Students scoring "Intermediate Mid" remain eligible for the Accelerated Pathway, but they must also complete the conversation course (SPN 205, FRN 311 or GRM 311).