Signature Events

Day of the Dead Festival
The Languages, Cultures and Religions Department honors Mexican culture by celebrating the Annual Day of the Dead Festival each fall. Typically by the beginning of November, members of the community at large are invited to take part in this social event commemorating our departed loved ones in a very traditional way. Beautiful altars are intrinsically decorated, and everyone share delicious Pan de Muerto while enjoying live authentic Mexican performances. As an event open to all the public, people are invited to bring a portrait of their own passed relatives, friends, or pets to be honored in an interactive Día de Muertos altar. This event is also open to other cultures and traditions that may commemorate the afterlife in their own unique manner.
Chinese New Year
The Languages, Cultures and Religions Department annually sponsors and organizes Chinese New Year Celebrations by delivering a series of Chinese cultural events in conjunction with the China Program Office in late January or early February. The cultural events last about one week and include Chinese New Year culture showcase, Chinese traditional music and dance performances, Chinese arts & crafts, Chinese martial arts, tea ceremony, and Chinese food workshops. It is a great opportunity for college students, Springfield K-12 students and Springfield communities to explore Chinese culture. All events are open to the public, please come and join us to celebrate Chinese New Year next year.
Our annual World Language Showcase helps your students make that transition from high school to college by bringing them to interact with language faculty and college students studying in world languages. There will be contests, proficiency activities, guest speakers and LOTS of languages.

Multicultural Coffee Hour

Orange banner with white letters that say multicultural coffee hour. The background is an image of two people holding up a bright colored globe.

The Multicultural Coffee Hour is a student-led weekly gathering in which students, staff, and faculty from different cultural backgrounds meet, share their experiences, celebrate diversity, and learn and support each other.  The meeting is hosted by the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Religions in Siceluff Hall. During the meetings, our graduate students and a representative of the Association of International Students organize cultural activities and games and lead conversations. There is no need to sign up, and participants are welcome to stay as long as they wish. Everyone is welcome! Please contact our department for dates, times, and location.

For questions, please contact Dr. Luciane L. Maimone at 417-836-5869.