Religious Studies Graduate Program

Why pursue a Master of Arts in religious studies at Missouri State?

You will gain sound knowledge and professional skills in your own field as well as in the broader context of humanities disciplines. You’ll work closely with faculty who have expertise in everything from biblical studies to religion in America to Buddhism.

The Religious Studies Master of Arts Degree is now available for online students!

  • The M.A. in Religious Studies at Missouri State University is available to seated and online students.
  • Online students can complete the MA degree in Religious Studies through a combination of asynchronous online and synchronous in-person classes that can be taken through web-conferencing via Zoom.
  • All courses are taught by full-time graduate faculty members, and students receive individualized attention and guidance from their professors.
  • For more information, please contact the graduate program director at
Study a range of topics in religious studies, including biblical studies, religions of Europe, religions of the Middle East and religions of Asia.
Begin your graduate studies during your junior and senior years.

Specialize in an emphasis area 

  • Religions of Asia
  • Religions of Europe and the Middle East
  • Biblical Studies
  • Religion and Culture
By developing skills in direct observation, critical thinking, effective communication and cross-cultural understanding, you will be prepared for today's multicultural workplace and global economy.

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