World Languages and Cultures' Mission

Missouri State’s department of world languages and cultures (WLC) dedicates itself to providing the linguistic and cultural foundations necessary for students to flourish in the 21st century. Our courses prepare students to present themselves as educated citizens in the global village, schooled in the ancient traditions and the modern societies of west and east, experienced in understanding and communicating across borders, and at home everywhere in a changing world.

Integration of Public Affairs Mission Themes

Students in WLC’s programs develop advanced intercultural competence through their study of world languages and cultures – ancient and modern – and by interacting with members of various linguistic and cultural communities. They also have ample opportunities to engage in community outreach efforts, locally and internationally. Thus, graduates of WLC’s programs will be uniquely qualified and prepared to understand and effectively articulate the perspectives of linguistically and culturally diverse individuals and groups in a variety of leadership and service roles, both professionally and as engaged members of their communities.


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