KSMU Radio "Religion Beat" Internship

MSU Religious Studies Internship with KSMU Radio covering the “Religion Beat”

KSMU strives to bring superior programming to over 40,000 weekly listeners in Southwest Missouri. Whether through NPR News, local news coverage, or classical music, KSMU seeks to inform, to entertain and "to encourage the exploration of ideas and their application to citizenship."

Description of Job Duties:

The MSU Religious Studies Intern will work with the News Director and other KSMU staff and interns to pitch stories, research stories, interview individuals and write quality stories for written and / or broadcast delivery. These stories, which vary in length but are roughly 2 minutes apiece, are the product of long form journalism involving interviews, accurate research and, at times, use of natural sound. The intern may have the opportunity to develop an area of the KSMU web-site dedicated to Religion in the News. The intern is encouraged to work with Religious Studies faculty, primarily Dr. Schmalzbauer, to determine potential news stories. Primary editing of these stories, both written and recorded work, will be performed by the News Director or other KSMU staff.



- strong written and oral communication skills
- relational / conversational skills
- experience in “voice work” (this may include public speaking, theatre, class speeches or presentations, etc.)
- ability to tell a story that will engage the KSMU audience
- keen interest in religion in life and culture
- possess a strong respect and tolerance for a variety of religions and faith-based groups
- ability to meet deadlines
- collaborative team player


- experience in audio editing
- website work

Other details:

- This internship is intended for MSU Religious Studies majors (although minors will also be considered).
- 120 total work hours (about 8 hours/week, but this will vary) over the course of the semester; specific work hours determined by the intern and the KSMU News Director
- Needed: car (insured), personal computer with internet, cell phone
- may need to have some availability on week-ends
- 3 credit hours (REL 499: Internship)
- This internship offers no financial compensation, but does offer a great work and learning experience that will demonstrate and enhance the intern’s career skills.

Application Procedure:

1. Complete and submit to the Religious Studies office the online application for the REL Internship by the deadline: Religious Studies Internship Application PDF

2. NOTE: In addition to the Religious Studies Internship application, KSMU also requests:

- a written example of work the applicant has done and
- a narrative in which the applicant responds to the following:

a) examples of “voice work” (presentations, public speaking, theatre, etc.)
b) any experiences conducting interviews
c) self-description of comfort level with meeting new people
d) self-description of comfort level with public speaking
e) self-reflection on story-telling skill

3. The News Director, in collaboration with the REL faculty advisor, will review application materials.

4. Upon approval by the Department of Religious Studies Department Head, the student will be granted permission to register for the internship credit (REL 499: Internship) for 3 credit hours).