Ambassadors for Children Internship

MSU Religious Studies Internship with Ambassadors for Children (a project of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks)

The intern's primary work would be with Ambassadors for Children. Ambassadors for Children is a service agency of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks and dedicated to supporting abused and neglected children and youth in our community. Many children come into foster care having been abused or neglected with little to no clothing or personal belongings, and carrying significant emotional burdens. Each of our programs is designed to meet practical needs while also instilling a sense of value and dignity which brings hope to children and families. Ambassadors for Children’s programs are provided absolutely free to families and are completely dependent on private grants and donations. Their mission is to provide quality services and support to abused and neglected children in this area.

Description of Job Duties:

The Internship Supervisor will be Denee Fay, Agency Director of Ambassadors for Children.  The MSU Department of Religious Studies intern will:

  • Be able to work on a wide variety of tasks with the two Ambassadors for Children staff members in a positive environment.
  • Help plan the agency’s largest fundraiser of the year, which is held in the spring.
  • Assist with the continued development of 1 or 2 of the 7 programs run by Ambassadors for Children for foster children. These programs include: Adopt a Caseworker, The Kid’s Closet, The Tutoring Program, Project Self-Esteem, Pack-a-Bag, The Prom Closet. 
  • Attend regular staff meetings.
  • Work closely with many different church denominations and civic groups.
  • Employ the use of social media, website, and email communications with youth and community contacts.
  • Complete an agreed upon research component.
  • Present research project to the Ambassadors for Children staff and faculty advisor at the end of the semester.


  • keen interest in economic dignity, race equity, social justice
  • relational / conversational skills
  • leadership ability
  • ability and desire to work with children
  • possess a strong respect and tolerance for a variety of religious and non-religious affiliations
  • strong written and oral communication skills
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • collaborative team player
  • successful completion of a background check

Additional details:

  • This internship is intended for MSU Religious Studies majors and minors.
  • 120 total work hours: about 8 hours/week, but will vary over the course of the semester. (Summer internship hours vary from 5 hours/week [1 credit hour] to 15 hours/week [3 credit hours].)
  • Needed: car (insured), cell phone
  • Will need to be able to schedule the weekly work hours sometime between 8:30 and 5 PM Monday – Friday. Two Saturday’s a month there are limited hours that may be available between 10 am and 2 pm.
  • 3 credit hours (REL 499: Internship) (REL 499: Summer internship hours vary from 1 credit hour to 3 credit hours.)
  • This internship offers no financial compensation, but does offer a great work and learning experience that will demonstrate and enhance the intern’s career skills.

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete and submit the Religious Studies Internship Application by the application deadline.
  2. The Director of Ambassadors for Children will look over the applications along with the Religious Studies Faculty Advisor, interview the applicants that seem most qualified, then select the intern.
  3. Upon selection of the intern, the student and the REL internship advisor will complete the Internship Learning Plan.
  4. Upon approval by the Head of the Department of Religious Studies, the student will be granted permission to register for REL 499: Internship for the summer (1-3 credit hours) or fall (3 credit hours).