Workers' Compensation

We strive to keep our employees safe at work. In the unlikely event you’re injured on the job, we want you to know what to do. 

If you are injured on the job

Call CARO to report an injury at 1-800-624-2354, as well as the Worker's Compensation Coordinator, Denise Lofton at 417-836-5892.

If the injury is life threatening, proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room.

About workers’ compensation

Missouri law provides certain benefits to employees who are injured or who incur an occupational disease arising out of, or in the course of employment. These provisions are workers’ compensation benefits.

The workers’ compensation program at Missouri State University is coordinated through the State of Missouri Department of Labor – Office of Administration.  The Central Accident Reporting Office (CARO) is responsible for the authorization of any medical treatments received by the employee and the processing of all medical payments associated with the injury. Please be aware that work-related injuries are subject to the provisions of the workers’ compensation law. Following the directions received at the CARO medical referral number does not guarantee coverage under workers’ compensation.

Procedures for injured employees

Supervisor duties

Supervisors should ensure employees follow the procedures outlined above. In addition supervisors must:

  • Complete a Supervisor Statement form.
  • Keep regular (at least weekly) contact with the injured employee during his/her absence from work and stress that it is the employee’s responsibility to keep you informed as well.
  • Contact the workers’ compensation coordinator weekly to provide an update of the status of the injured employee. The coordinator will regularly send the departments any information it has on injured employees as well.
  • Ensure employees complete a leave report or time sheet recording the time off for a workers’ compensation injury.
  • Provide the office of human resources any/all release to work forms or doctor’s statements regarding the status of the injured employee immediately upon receipt.  Forms may be faxed to the office of human resources at 417-836-6789. The office of human resources will send to the department any/all forms that are received as well.

What's covered?

Workers’ compensation covers the following:

  • Medical care for the injury. This includes physician fees and hospital costs, lab tests, x-rays, prescriptions, etc.
  • Rehabilitation from the injury. This includes physical therapy, or, if the injury prevents the employee from returning to the same job, retraining or vocational rehabilitation.
  • Payments for lost wages. These payments are for those who are unable to work (temporary disability), authorized by a doctor. Payments are also made if there’s a permanent disability.

Workers' compensation payments

Employees who suffer an on-the-job injury or illness and who file for workers’ compensation benefits are advised of the following policy regarding the payment of their Missouri State University salary, if they choose to continue receiving it while on workers’ compensation leave.

  • If you are receiving workers’ compensation payments while you are off work due to an injury, you may not also receive all of your monthly salary from the university.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance pays injured workers 66.67 percent of their regular monthly salary while they are unable to work.
  • Employees may supplement the remaining 33.33 percent not paid by workers’ compensation insurance with earned sick, vacation, or compensatory time. Employees who do so must sign the your pay while receiving workers’ compensation payments form.
  • In no case may an employee receive more than 100 percent of his/her regular monthly salary when he/she is off work due to a workers’ compensation injury.
  • If an employee were to receive both workers’ compensation payments and his/her regular monthly salary, then the employee would be receiving more than 100 percent of his/her regular monthly salary.
  • The state of Missouri informs the university of every payment made to a Missouri State University employee. It is the university’s legal responsibility to make sure that no employee receives more than 100 percent of his/her monthly salary when he/she is off work due to a workers’ compensation injury.
  • In the event the university does not receive information about workers' compensation payments until after an employee’s regular monthly salary has already been deposited in his/her bank account, the university will deduct the amount paid by workers’ compensation insurance from the employee’s next paycheck. Therefore, employees should plan accordingly to cover their monthly expenses during the month(s) that the university deducts the payment from their paycheck(s).

Forms and publications

Forms to be completed by employees

Forms to be completed by supervisors 

Other forms


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