Personal Leave

Full-time, regular employees may use up to three days of accrued sick leave each fiscal year as personal leave. Personal leave may be granted for any reason deemed important to the employee. Examples of occasions for which employees may want to use a day of sick leave as a day of personal leave might include:

  • Community service
  • Legal business
  • Household repairs
  • Personal or family birthday, anniversary, graduation
  • Other personal business or significant event.

Keep in mind the following policies regarding personal leave:

  • Personal leave will not be granted for an absence due to inclement weather conditions when the university needs all employees possible to report to work.
  • Personal leave may be taken in quarter-hour increments.
  • If an employee decides to use a day of sick leave as a day of personal leave, the day will be deducted from his/her accrued sick leave balance.
  • Personal leave does not accumulate from one fiscal year to the next. Only three days of sick leave can be used as personal leave in any fiscal year. If an employee does not use personal leave, the sick leave will remain as accrued sick leave.

Guidelines and procedures

  • Personal leave will be approved by the department unless the absence would cause a severe work scheduling problem or an unreasonable hardship on the other workers in the department.
  • Requests for personal leave must be submitted to the employee's supervisor.
  • The request must be submitted at least three working days before the anticipated personal leave. Exceptions to this three-day advance notice will be allowed when the absence is of a true emergency nature.
  • An explanation of the emergency nature of the leave must be satisfactory to the supervisor if an exception to the three-day advance notice requirement is to be approved.