Noncredit Course Fee Waiver

Full-time regular employees may receive assistance to help pay course fees to enroll in noncredit courses offered by Missouri State University for the purpose of professional and personal development.

About the benefit

The university will pay $150 per employee, per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) for enrollment in noncredit courses sponsored by the University.

How to use the benefit

Rules and limitations

  • The fee benefit will be for course fees only and will not be applicable to special book fees, lab fees, or other special fees in addition to the course fees.
  • Employees may elect to use their Noncredit Course Fee Waiver to cover the cost of class and defer any remaining cost for the class to their University account.
  • The fee assistance is for the employee only. It does not extend to members of the family.
  • The university will comply with Internal Revenue Code regulations in regard to reporting benefits that are taxable income.

For additional information about the Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit for full-time employees, please refer to Chapter 6.4.2 Noncredit Course Fees - My Benefit of the Employee Handbook.

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