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“I found setting up LinkedIn Learning very easy. The database of videos is astounding. You can find most any topic that can help you improve in a variety of areas—work AND home! I did the January challenge and I was impressed with the content and what I learned in such a short amount of time. If you can just set aside a few minutes a day to watch and learn, you’ll wonder how you did without it.”

-Rhonda Breshears, College of Agriculture

All employees now have access to LinkedIn Learning content through their My Missouri State portal. The link can be found in your Profile section under Professional Development.

Learn how to set up Your LinkedIn Learning Account

  • Once accessed, you have the option to use your existing LinkedIn Account or create a new account and begin taking online courses.
  • LinkedIn Learning provides learning opportunities through a library of over 16,000 courses in 7 languages.
  • If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn or unsure how to utilize the platform, once you activate your LinkedIn account, you can search for the video "How to Use LinkedIn Learning" and it will show you how to: take courses, use search tools, explore learning paths, play and pause training videos, and how to view your completed courses in your transcript section

Access LinkedIn Learning

Benefits of LinkedIn Learning

  • Learn from any desktop or mobile device
  • On average, there are 30 new courses added weekly
  • Learning is available in “bite-size” tutorials for just-in-time learning
  • Downloadable exercise files are available to reinforce retention
  • Assessments available to measure learning impact
  • Receive a certificate of completion, which can be added to your LinkedIn Learning Profile
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Join our Monthly Learning Challenge!

January Challenge! New Year, New Goals

February Challenge! Black History Month

March Challenge! Women's History Month

April Challenge! Let's Talk Communication

May Challenge! Mindset Matters

June Challenge! Better Decisions


Monthly Challenge Winners

January: Suzanne Mwengi, Center for Academic Success and Transition

"I've been enjoying working through the monthly LinkedIn Learning Challenges! Each day's activity takes five minutes or less, so it doesn't take time away from my daily work. Last month's challenge, which focused on setting goals and, more importantly, planning to achieve those goals, inspired me to make and implement a plan for a particular work project that’s been on my list for six months. The daily activities in the monthly challenges have also introduced me to LinkedIn Learning and I've gotten comfortable using the platform. I look forward to exploring LinkedIn Learning more in the future, finding useful training courses and resources, and completing additional monthly challenges". -Suzanne Mwengi

February: Travis Schilla, Residence Life, Housing and Dining Service


"LinkedIn is a tool that I’ve been using to manage my professional network for years, and the LinkedIn Learning program only increases the usefulness of this platform. There is a seemingly limitless variety of videos at our fingertips presented by industry leaders whose expertise one would normally have to pay to access. What makes it so useful is the fact that I can log on quickly when I have some downtime and gain professional development on-demand. It doesn’t require me to block off significant amounts of time, and I can log in anytime I want to learn something new and expand my understanding. Human Resources has even been providing curated professional development tracks each month to help guide the learning process. This is definitely a tool that helps me to be a more reflective and well-rounded professional". -Travis Schilla

March: Teresa Frederick, Associate Director, Facilities Management

"I appreciated the video that talked about everyone having bias and that they can be positive or negative. It was a more open way to talk about bias that I usually hear. I also liked that one speaker encouraged making conflict and debate part of the norm". -Teresa Frederick

April: Megan Balasundaram, Per Course Faculty, Management

"I really enjoyed Weak Words to Purge from Your Vocabulary. There is a really great tip here and that is to leave out the words 'just' or 'obviously' as they both signal to the audience that we are belittling our message or our knowledge on the topic at hand". - Megan Balasundaram


May: Carrie Crews, College of Agriculture

June: ​​​​​​​Suzanne Mwengi, Center for Academic Success and Transition

"My favorite takeaway from this month’s challenge was the three things you can do to ‘turn down’ distractions when you need to concentrate on making a good decision: smile, try 4-7-8 breathing, write down (by hand) a bullet list of items." - Susan Mwengi

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