Leave Without Pay

An employee may be granted leave without pay for a prolonged period but may not exceed six months in any 12-month period. A personnel action form must be initiated and approved by the proper authority prior to the leave. Any unpaid leave taken as Family and Medical Leave shall be subtracted from the six months of leave without pay allowable in any 12-month period.

Leave without pay conditions

Leave without pay is intended to be taken in full-day increments. Leave without pay may be granted under the following conditions:

  • When such leave is for prolonged illness or injury extending beyond accumulated vacation or sick leave. Family and Medical Leave will count toward the six-month leave without pay.
  • When an employee will attend a college, university, or other school for the purpose of training in subjects relating to a job where there will be benefits to both the employee and the university.
  • Because of seasonal fluctuations in the work schedules at the university.
  • Under special circumstances, an employee may be granted leave without pay for a specific purpose other than those listed above with the approval of the appropriate major administrator.

Leave without pay policies

Keep in mind the following leave without pay policies:

  • Leave without pay is not intended to be granted when the employee has paid vacation, sick leave, or compensatory time off available to be used, except under those circumstances listed above.
  • Employees on leave without pay will not earn paid sick leave or vacation, will not have their insurance coverages paid by the university, nor will they be paid for a holiday that occurs during the period that they are on leave without pay.
  • Nine- and ten-month staff employees, however, will have their basic insurance coverages (employee medical and dental, life, accidental death & dismemberment, and long-term disability coverages), paid by the university during the summer months when they are otherwise not at work but are expected to return to work.
  • Nine- and ten-month employees are considered to be on leave without pay during the summer when they are otherwise not at work.
  • The department must complete a personnel action form documenting the period of their absence while on leave without pay. If an employee desires to maintain insurance coverages during a leave without pay, arrangements must be made with the office of human resources at least 60 days prior to the leave, and premiums must be paid one month in advance of the month of insurance coverage.