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Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Nested Model of SustainabilityThere are three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. Pictured is the nested approach to sustainability. In this model, we assume that our economy is dependent on society to exist and function, and both the economy and society are dependent on a healthy environment in order to exist. Something is truly sustainable when it is environmentally, socially, AND economically sustainable.

Green Bikes


Transportation accounts for roughly 30% of the carbon footprint for Americans! It is estimated that you can lower your environmental footprint by 20% by not owning or driving a car! Learn how to reduce your transportation footprint on campus.



Sustainability literacy is essential to a sustainable future. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility: both in our personal and professional lives. Become a sustainable citizen by expanding your knowledge with these sustainability education programs.

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Sustainability Projects

In 2009, students voted to implement a $2 per semester fee to go towards sustainability initiatives on campus. These funds are then matched by the University up to $75,000 each academic year. The Student Sustainability fund is to be used solely by students for students.

Green Teams Logo

Do you have a Green Team in your Office?

The Green Teams program gives Missouri State University employees an opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of their office or department and the campus as a whole. Learn more about this program, see a list of existing Green Teams or find out how to create a team.


Missouri State University is committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship.

With the application of Earth-friendly technology and practices, research projects and responsible development planning, we will strive to work for a better tomorrow. Through education and community outreach, we will provide students with the knowledge and skills to be environmentally responsible citizens and consider the global ramifications of their actions and the actions of others around them.

MSU Sustainability Journal - podcast about the Energy Dashboard and the launch of Green Teams on MSU's Campus!


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