Transportation accounts for roughly 30% of the carbon footprint for Americans! It is estimated that you can lower your environmental footprint by 20% by not owning or driving a car!

Transportation LogoHere are tips to reduce your transportation footprint at MSU:

  • Bike and walk. It is energy-efficient and good exercise!
  • Utilize the Bear Line Shuttle.
  • Combine trips and tune up your car.
  • Carpool and use public transport.

MSU Bear Line

Bear Line Shuttle

Bear Line offers a convenient and safe way to travel -- no matter where your destination on campus.

Campus Bike Lanes

Bicycle Regulations

Look for the bike paths that are marked on campus and find out more about bicycle regulations on campus.

Solar Stop Rendering

Approved Solar Stop Proposal

A solar array weather shelter will be installed on the Missouri State campus. The shelter will be called a Solar Stop, and installed in a location accessible to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Carpooling is a great way to save money, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, take the stress out of driving, and increase sustainability. Missouri State University faculty, staff, students, and other visitors may consider carpooling to campus. Many third-party websites offer assistance in facilitating carpooling opportunities. These third-party websites may require the use of a Missouri State University email addresses to secure participation in a particular carpool program. Websites may also require additional personal information from participants (e.g., local address, final destination). Let's Go Smart offers a free ride matching system that requires the use of a Missouri State email as a way to ensure all members are affiliated with Missouri State University. More information can be found at

Missouri State University cannot vouch for any third-party carpooling coordination website or service provider, and will not be responsible for any third-party carpooling coordination service. Carpool participants must use good judgment and exercise due diligence in making carpooling decisions, including the use of any third-party carpool coordination service or website.