Sustainability literacy is essential to a sustainable future. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility: both in our personal and professional lives.

You can become a sustainable citizen by expanding your knowledge with the following sustainability education programs: 

  • Pursue an Individualized Sustainability major
  • Declare a sustainability minor
  • Complete a degree in geotourism
  • Join Green Student Alliance
  • Find sustainability courses on campus
Students can pursue a Sustainability Major through the Individualized Major program. Click the header for more information.
Two students painting a mural stating 'ethical leadership through sustainable policies'.
This minor is interdisciplinary and the wide range of classes available ensure that it will complement any major on campus. Whether your major is business, planning, agriculture, global studies, anthropology or anything in between, this minor will equip you with the skills you need to incorporate sustainability into your chosen career.
Have a bigger role in creating a more sustainable world. Explore what makes up sustainability – the economic, environmental and societal factors. Promote a qualify way of life for the present and future.
Our geotourism track of the geography undergraduate degree is the first of its kind in the United States and one of only three worldwide. This track focuses on using principles of sustainability to enhance and emphasize the distinctiveness of a destination for both residents and visitors. You will learn how to protect tourist destinations for the benefit of the next generation.
Students at the Green Student Alliance information table.
The Green Student Alliance program allows students to engage in peer-to-peer education. They do not need to have prior knowledge of sustainability, but they must be eager to learn.