Sustainable Materials Management

The Sustainable Materials Management Plan (SMMP) has been developed to provide a framework to set annual performance goals to improve waste diversion from the landfill from the MSU campus. In 2021, a campus waste audit was performed to characterize the landfill and recycling waste streams in order to identify the various types of waste and how much more material could be diverted from the landfill. Based on the analysis, the campus has the potential to divert 84% of waste from the landfill by improving recycling and composting performance. Based on current data, the campus currently diverts 24% of waste from the landfill. The SMMP was developed to identify opportunities to improve waste diversion and establish a process for setting annual goals. A Waste Management Team was developed from MSU faculty, staff, and students. This team has been tasked with setting annual goals based on recommended strategies identified in the SMMP and annual available resources.


For more information please follow the following link : 2021WasteCharacterizationAnalysis

Previous year's waste data


Annual Waste Diversion Goals

  1. Increase sustainable materials management awareness, literacy and practice participation through a comprehensive campuswide waste and recycling education campaign utilizing various platforms including signage, social media, emails, etc.
  2. Redesign and standardize bin labels, bin signage and collection bins for clarity and consistency. Consider inclusion of pictures illustrating accepted materials to improve clarity.
  3. Conduct a campuswide bin audit, identifying the bin type, size, quantity and material stream collected.
  4. Annually conduct a “Recycling 101 at MSU” campaign each fall for any students and staff who are new to campus.