SOAR Checklist

To help make your transition to Missouri State easy and organized, we have created a checklist of important tasks that should be completed prior to or after attending SOAR.

Required Before Attending SOAR

Completion of these tasks is required before attending SOAR, so we encourage you to do so well in advance. You will not be allowed to enroll in classes if these tasks are not completed before your SOAR session.

Create your BearPass login and email account

Your BearPass login allows you to access your My Missouri State portal, email account, and other online resources.

Register for a SOAR session

Attendance at SOAR is required of all new students with fewer than 24 transferable credit hours earned AFTER their high school graduation. (Credit earned while concurrently enrolled in high school will not apply to this 24 hour requirement.)                                                                                                                                                           

Complete your University housing contract (or obtain an exception to live off-campus)

All single students under 21 years of age who have completed fewer than 30 hours of transferable credit after high school graduation are required to complete a housing contract before registering for classes.

Applications are complete when:

  • Your $100 housing deposit has been paid
  • Your meningitis vaccination records are on file at Magers Health and Wellness Center
  • You have a parent signature on file (if needed)

Complete a housing contract online:  My Missouri State ► Campus Life tab ► Housing channel ► Complete Your Application link

Exceptions to the housing policy must be approved by Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services PRIOR to attending SOAR. See Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services' exception page for details.

Before Attending SOAR

We strongly recommend completing the following tasks before attending your SOAR session.

Submit final high school and college transcripts

Request that your high school or any institution awarding you college credit send final, official transcripts directly to Missouri State University's Office of Admissions. If you do not believe your transcripts will arrive prior to your scheduled SOAR session date, bring unofficial copies of your transcripts to help your advisor in recommending courses.

Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  

Completing the FAFSA allows you to be considered for several forms of financial aid at Missouri State.

Review and accept your financial aid award package       

If you have already completed and finalized your FAFSA, you will receive an award offer via email from our Office of Financial Aid, as well as additional instructions.

Accept your award offer online: My Missouri State ► Student tab ► My Financial Aid channel ► Award Letter link

Request accommodations for disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to request accommodations as soon as possible to arrange appropriate accommodations for classes, programs such as SOAR, and other University events.

Complete the Foster Recreation Center liability waiver   

Students are required to complete this liability waiver online prior to using Foster Recreation Center facilities.

Complete the waiver online: My Missouri State ► Campus Life tab ► Campus Recreation channel ► Recreation Center Waiver of Liability link

Complete the Medical History Form           

Early completion of this form can save you check-in time and ensure Magers Health and Wellness Center staff have an accurate medical history for you. Print the form using the link above and submit the completed form to Magers Health and Wellness Center during your SOAR session.

During or After SOAR

The following tasks should be completed during your SOAR session or any time between SOAR and the beginning of your first semester of classes.

Get your BearPass Card

Take your photo for your BearPass Card (the Missouri State student identification card) during SOAR. Bring a state-issued photo identification to get yours (a popular option is a driver's license.)

Visit our BearPass Card Office if you do not obtain your card at SOAR.

Order textbooks at the Missouri State Bookstore

The Missouri State Bookstore makes it easy to order, ship, pick up, or rent your textbooks—all online! View detailed instructions for ordering books online.

Reserve your textbooks online: My Missouri State ► Registration tab ► My Course Materials channel ► View Booklist and Order link

Purchase a parking permit

Campus parking permits are required of students who will commute or bring a car to campus.

Complete our sexual assault prevention program online

This required online program, Not Anymore, addresses issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, which impact countless college students across the country. Completion is required of new students before enrolling in their second semester.

Access Not Anymore online: My Missouri State ► Student tab ► My Admission Info channel ► Student Success (Sexual Assault Awareness Training) link

Complete the online tuberculosis screening questionnaire

Missouri state law requires the University to perform a targeted tuberculosis testing program prior to on-campus students enrolling for their second semester of courses.

Access the questionnaire online: My Missouri State ► Campus Life tab ► Wellness channel ► Tuberculosis Screening Survey link

Create a Campus LINK profile

Campus LINK, Missouri State's online community for student organizations, allows you to browse, learn about, and join any of Missouri State's 350+ student organizations.

Create your profile online: My Missouri State ► Home tab ► Quick Links channel ► Campus LINK link