Fees and Refund Information

Payment options

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards and electronic check (e-check) payments are accepted.

Enrollment Deposit

First-time, admitted students who have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours earned AFTER high school graduation are required to pay a $150.00 enrollment deposit. Payment of the enrollment
deposit serves as the student’s official acceptance of their offer of admission and qualifies the student to register for a required Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration (SOAR) program.

Family member fees

A family member may attend SOAR for a fee of $30. This includes dinner the first night of SOAR, publications, materials, and other administrative costs.

Up to two family members can attend SOAR with their student. Family members should be registered BEFORE arriving for the SOAR session.

We are pleased to announce that family members accompanying students at SOAR now have the option to stay overnight in on-campus housing. Please know that there are a limited number of residence hall rooms available to family members at SOAR, and availability is first-come first-serve. Reservations must be made seven days prior to your student's SOAR session. The cost is $25 per family member to stay on campus. This is in addition to the $30 SOAR Family fee for each attending family member (limit of two).

Cancellations and refunds

Withdraw admission and cancel your SOAR registration

Students who wish to withdraw their admission offer and cancel their SOAR session should complete the Withdraw My Admission Offer form. More information is available under the "Request a refund" heading of the enrollment deposit page.

To request a refund of a family registration, contact the SOAR Office at 417-836-3060.