Taylor Homeyer

Taylor Homeyer


Southwest Missouri

About Taylor

Taylor joined the Missouri State University Admissions Team in September of 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Communication. He is also working towards his Master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Taylor’s responsibilities as an Admission Counselor include working with high school students, visiting high schools, working with and visiting community colleges, and assisting with other office projects.

Favorite place to eat

One of Springfield’s greatest attributes is the AMAZING places to eat. Two of my favorite places in town are the Aviary Café and Hurts Donuts. My wife and I love to visit the Aviary (we got about once every two weeks). There are two locations in Springfield. They offer the best crepes you will ever eat. “Wanna Hurts Donut?” Yes please. Hurts is a fantastic donut shop located in downtown Springfield and they are open 24/7. They offer basically any flavor of donut you could imagine. As a donut enthusiast, I’m a regular at this unique shop.

Why Missouri State?

I came from out-of-state and always envisioned myself going to the local university. However, I planned a visit with Missouri State University during my senior year. On my visit, I was able to meet with a member of the Psychology program, an admission representative, and take a tour of campus. You could say it was love at first sight. I loved seeing everything that campus had to offer. The campus was beautiful and the students on campus were incredibly friendly. I remember telling my parents when I left that Missouri State University would be my future home. I have my campus visit to thank for that!

Favorite thing about Missouri State

I absolutely love our marching band. The Missouri State University PRIDE Marching Band is one of the most impressive marching bands in the entire nation. Of course, I’m a little biased because I played trumpet in the marching band for two years. I truly believe that the PRIDE Marching Band is the most talented, hard-working group of students on campus. They do so much to inspire high school students and the surrounding area into having more school spirit. Their music is also incredible!

Something you wish you had known before going to college

There are so many great opportunities for you at Missouri State University and it is up to YOU to take advantage of those. At Missouri State University, we highly recommend getting involved on campus. We have nearly 350 student organizations from which to choose. There’s going to be dozens and dozens of opportunities for you to join clubs, meet new people, and grow in professional development, but it’s up to you to take advantage of all of the wonderful things our university has to offer.